5 Ways To Make People Instantly Like You In Less Than 2 Minutes

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How To Make People Like You In Less Than 2 Minutes

Over the years, likeability has gotten a reputation for being uncool and old school, and something only the tragically unhip care about. But being likeable is extremely important, like in your career where many opportunities arise via other people. 

And what about relationships? People have to like you initially if they're going to proceed in getting to know you. Likeability often starts with an initial impression, where people decide if you're worth spending any time and energy on within seconds. 

But is there a remedy for how to make people like you? What can you do to make first impressions last and have people like you as quickly as possible?

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The book How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less, by speaker and author Nicholas Boothman, highlights how to become instantly appealing and engaging to someone you just met. Here are five of his tips.

1. Open both your body and your attitude. 

As we know, body language speaks volumes and can affect the length and quality of personal interactions. Open body language exposes the heart, so having a positive approach and leading with your heart is crucial. Don't cover your heart with your hands or arms; aim it directly at the person you're meeting.

As far as having an open and positive attitude, Boothman says, "When you meet someone for the first time you can be curious, enthusiastic, inquiring, helpful, engaging, and/or warm."

2. Be the one to initiate eye contact. 

It can be challenging to look people in the eye, but just enough (not so much that you make the other person feel uncomfortable) is a valuable skill to have. Boothman told Houston Chronicle that he always looks people in the eye and notes their eye color.

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3. Don't forget to smile. 

Boothman suggests being the first one to smile, which sends the message that you're sincere.

According to a survey conducted by Kelton Global on behalf of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 48 percent of adults think a smile is the most memorable feature when they meet someone for the first time. Smiling gives people the impression that you're trustworthy.

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4. Start things off with a simple "hello." 

Many people feel shy and awkward, and it comes as a relief when someone breaks the ice with a friendly greeting like "hi," "hey," or "hello." Next, shake their hand (unless you're auditioning for something, then you should never initiate handshaking) and try to say their name. Names are a huge part of our identity and it feels great when people use it.

5. Lean in.

You don't have to tilt forward so much that you lose your balance and topple over, but lean enough to convey interest in what the other person is saying and what they're all about. You don't have long to make a great first impression, but you can be open, make eye contact, smile, lean in and say hello in less than a minute.

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