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New Details About Why 'Bachelor' Star Nikki Ferrell And Tyler Vanloo Are Getting Divorced

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Why 'The Bachelor's' Nikki Ferrell And Husband Tyler Vanloo Broke Up And Are Getting Divorced

It appears that Nikki Ferrell and Tyler Vanloo weren't meant for a happily ever after. The 32-year-old former Bachelor star and her husband of two years have announced their divorce.

Although rumors and hints of their marriage being in trouble have been circling for a long time, US Weekly formally confirmed their separation in December 2018.

Ferrell and Vanloo tied the knot in October 2016, but a source reportedly told US that the couple had actually been "on the rocks" ever since they got married. The source also noted that the former Bachelor star and her husband are definitely "done." 

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Another source, who's close to Ferrell, reportedly told Hollywood Life that the split was actually a long time coming to those who knew the couple privately. “Nikki Ferrell and her husband Tyler Vanloo are in fact getting a divorce,” the source said. “They’ve had a super rough and rocky year. It’s true. They haven’t been spending time together for quite a while now. They really tried to make it work, but ultimately, could not. For friends, It’s not surprising at all.”

However, for fans of the Bachelor star, the divorce was probably not too surprising, either. The couple had both been dropping some hints through social media, indicating that their marriage was less than solid. Ferrell's last Instagram post that included her husband was on New Year's Day 2018 — almost a full year ago.


A post shared by Nikki Ferrell (@nikki_ferrell) on Jan 1, 2018 at 5:08pm PST

Since then, the only photo that Vanloo might have been in was in July 2018 in which he could only be seen taking the photo from the background in the mirror. To add fuel to the fire, Ferrell hasn't been seen wearing her wedding ring in any recent photos and has even stopped following Vanloo on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Vanloo's Instagram feed has shown signs of the impending split as well. The last photo he posted of his wife was on Valentine's Day this year. 

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Such a babe... happy V-day

A post shared by Tyler VanLoo (@tyler_vanloo) on Feb 14, 2018 at 4:15pm PST

Ferrell's union with Vanloo hasn't been her first troubled relationship. Fans of the Bachelor will remember her controversial partnership with Juan Pablo Galavis, the star of the reality show's eighteenth season.

In the 2014 final episode of the popular series, Galavis chose Ferrell, but didn't propose to her and never told her that he loved her. Despite what came to be known as one of the strangest rose ceremonies ever on the Bachelor, the pair did continue to have a relationship after the season ended before they eventually broke up in October 2014.

In 2015, Ferrell opened up about the split during season 19's premiere. 

"There was a while where I did feel like he was totally in love with me. Was it too late? Probably. I think at that point I had come to the conclusion that we were different people and we were never going to be on the same page," she said, even referring to their time appearing on the VH1 show Couples Therapy

"I wasn't going to quit. I'm not a quitter. I tried everything, he tried, too. It wasn't just a one-side thing....we real-life tried, not TV-tried. At the end of the day, we gave it a go, but we're two different people."

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