10 Things He's Doing Because He's Falling Deep In Love With You

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10 Things He's Doing Because He's Falling Deep In Love With You

Admit it: as women, we have a tendency to overthink and make assumptions about what men think and feel. Sometimes women also tend to underestimate a man’s interest in them.

There are typically two reasons we overthink whether a guy is falling in love. You might either be uninterested because you see them as a friend (or feel bad about not reciprocating their potential feelings) or too interested and trying to figure out whether or not he's falling for you back.

Figuring out whether or not someone is falling in love with you should never be confusing. If deep down you are not sure, the truth is that he is probably not as interested.

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Honestly, it is pretty clear when a guy is into you, but if you need concrete proof, here are the signs a man is falling in love to look for.

1. He makes time for you.

He might be in school, have a job, family obligations, friends and interests in life, but if he is falling for you, he will make time for you. A guy who is falling for you will want to see you as much as possible. He will switch things around because you are a priority in his life.

2. He looks at you a lot.

A guy who likes you will look at your face when he is talking to you. He will go out of his way to look at you when you guys are sitting together instead of looking away. If he looks at your feet or away when you guys are together, he definitely does not share the same interest as you do.

Seems pretty straightforward but you would be surprised how many people do not realize this.

3. He finds ways to touch you.

One dead giveaway that he is falling for you is when he places his hand on your lower back when you guys are together (and not in a creepy way). This is how guys show that you are with them to other guys and that they are so proud that you are with them and not someone else. If he tries to hold your hand, he is definitely falling because it involves a sense of intimacy that hookups don’t.

4. He is open to trying new things with you.

If he is falling for you he will be happy to try new things that you like. It could be food, activities, movies, music — anything you suggest! He will be excited to learn more about things that you like. He will be interested to broaden his horizon. He will try to learn about things that are important to you. He may not love it but he will do it for you.

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5. He will keep his word.

If he says he is going to text you, he will. If he says he is going to see you, he will. If he says he will do something, he will.

He will be more than just words. He will show he is falling for you by doing what he says he will.

6. He notices little details about you from the beginning.

If he is really falling for you, he will remember little quirks about you. It could be the way you say something or a certain sound you make when you are excited. He will remember your little habits.

7. He will want to meet your family and friends.

If he is falling for you, he will be very interested in meeting the family and friends (or any other important people) in your life because he knows that they are important to you. And he wants you to know that he values what you find important in life and that he wants you in their future.

8. He will want to take care of you.

And I don’t mean that in a "damsel in distress" kind of way. He will remember to do little things that make your life easier. He will make sure you are safe, that you get home on time, and will really take care of you when you get sick. If he isn’t around when you get sick, toss him!

9. He will do things to make you happy.

Whenever anyone falls for someone, a part of them becomes selfless to other peoples’ needs. If he is falling for you, he will want you to be happy and do things to make you happy. He will put your happiness before his own.

10. He will kiss you on your forehead.

A sure sign that he has fallen for you is if he kisses you on the forehead. A forehead kiss is more genuine than a kiss on the cheek. It shows he is fond of you and adores you and that he is more than just sexually interested in you. It shows he respects you, wants to protect you, and maybe has also started falling in love with you.

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