How To Keep A Cancer Zodiac Sign Madly In Love With You

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How To Keep a Cancer Zodiac Sign Madly In Love With You

The Cancer zodiac sign is associated with the element water. And, people born between June 21st through July 22nd love family, are loyal and hard working, and when it comes to love, they cherish a person forever. 

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Famous Cancers include the likes of Malala Yousafzai, Nelson Mandela, and Angela Merkel, just to name a few. These individuals have shown a capacity to love others and to forgive. It's no wonder that to keep a Cancer zodiac sign madly in love with you, you'd need to understand the pathway to their heart.

There's no rule book or manual on how to love someone. There are the basic assumptions. You act faithfully. Show them care and affection when sick or needy. You listen when they need someone to talk to. When there's a problem, try to help. 

It would be nice if there were signs that a person was madly in love with you in a shorter amount of time because it would make dating a whole lot easier. Learning someone's quirks and habits isn't easy. The most you could do is listen to your partner and communicate with them what you need or want in the relationship. But what if you could narrow everything down to their zodiac sign, when you study astrology?  

For example, a Taurus is reliable but very stubborn and uncompromising. Those who fall under the Cancer sign are highly imaginative loyal sympathetic but can be somewhat pessimistic and insecure.

We all want to keep our partners happy. What if you could learn how to keep your Cancer horoscope feeling safe, secure and fulfilled with your love?

Read further if you want to know how to hold the attention, affection and heart of a Cancer zodiac sign, in love, marriage, and friendship, per astrology.

1. Start a hobby together.

Cancers love to try new things so as long as they can do it at home.  maybe find some recipes you too can cook together. Find some books that your Cancer hasn’t read before and share it with them.  This brings a level of intimacy that you're willing to open up your world with theirs.

2. Volunteer. 

Cancers love to help out.  surprise them by taking them out to volunteer at a place that needs their attention.  They will love how thoughtful you are and perceptive to what they enjoy doing most.

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3. Don't bring mom into this.

Avoid criticizing their mom as they’re probably very close to her.  They will always defend their mother and it just doesn't look well if you start to criticize the person they hold very dear to their heart.

4. Engage with their artistic side.

Cancers love art.  Take them to an art museum or a wine and paint night. Whatever it maybe, make sure you can tap into their creative side.

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5. Invite their friends to come along.

Know that your Cancer really enjoys quality time with their  friends. if you think that you will suddenly become their world because you're dating you're in for a rude awakening.  If you invite their friends to hang out and shows that you're not jealous and you're securing your relationship.

Isabella Ong is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics.