Are Bella Thorne And Tana Mongeau Really Engaged?

Instagram thinks she put a ring on it.

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Last week controversial YouTuber Tana Mongeau, 20, showed off what is speculated to be an engagement ring from actress Bella Thorne, 21 on her Instagram stories.

Mongeau posted a picture of her hand full of rings but the one in question read “Fu**” in pink jewels and a caption that read “@Bellathorne proposed" and "I said yes." Neither Mongeau, who is also dating influencer Brad Sousa, nor Thorne, who is also dating rapper Mod Sun, have commented on the supposed engagement. 


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And remember — Thorne might already be engaged.

Refinery 29 reported that in May of 2018, Thorne posted to her Instagram story a picture of a large ring on her finger with the caption “da baby iced me out."

Soon after this Instagram story went live, Thorne did an interview. When asked about whether or not she was married, she said: “That is for my own personal knowledge and none for you.”



Mmmmm tastes like candy 

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On Jan. 2 2019, Mongeau posted a YouTube video explaining her relationship status.


The video, which now has 2.7 million views, Mongeau says that she wouldn’t “go and marry Bella and Mod” adding that “there really isn’t a breakup” and that no matter how much time passes or who Thorne is with at the time “things would be the exact same."  

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In June of 2018, Thorne posted a photo of her kissing Mongeau. The Instagram photo prompted the internet to definitively find out that Mongeau and Thorne were an item, but Thorne was already with 31-year-old Mod Sun at the time of the photo.

This sparked controversy especially because Mongeau now has a boyfriend Brad Sousa. He is also famous for pretending to be singer Justin Beiber while eating a burrito sideways which went viral.


We the Unicorns reported that “Tana didn't directly confirm the engagement but she did retweet an image of her Instagram story, which some fans took as tacit confirmation that this isn't a joke.” So, perhaps the pair is really engaged!

J-14 said that “Maybe the proposal changed the” fact that Mongeau didn’t ever think she would marry Thorne.


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