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Who Is Chris Ivery? New Details About Ellen Pompeo's Husband, Including His Criminal Past

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Details About Ellen Pompeo's Husband Chris Ivery

Ellen Pompeo is a busy, successful woman. The Grey's Anatomy star has been having an amazing moment in her career after opening up earlier this year about her salary negotiations and how women should fight for what they deserve in their careers. 

There's no denying that Pompeo is a boss woman and has definitely become a fierce female icon, not only for the entertainment industry but for women in all types of careers. While much is known about the actress's professional life, what about her personal life? 

Pompeo hasn't revealed as much about this part of her life over the years as she has about her career, but she's been opening up about her family more and more lately. She's been married to husband Chris Ivery for a very long time and the couple has three children.

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So who is Ellen Pompeo's husband? Here are some details about Chris Ivery and his marriage to the actress.

1. They've been married for 11 years.


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Pompeo has been married to Ivery since 2007. The couple tied the knot with a low-key ceremony at City Hall in New York.

However, they had actually known each other for a while before they got married. Pompeo and Ivery met in 2003 and both were also from the same state, Massachusetts. “We were six degrees our whole lives, so I feel like we were sort of meant to be,” she said in an interview with PEOPLE. Pompeo explained that she had only wanted something "very small" for her wedding day.

2. Ivery is a music producer.

Ivery also has a successful career. He wrote lyrics for a hit song called Cheers (Drink To That), which was featured on the NBC series Smash. As of 2017, Ivery's success in the industry has believed to have earned him a net worth of around $10 million.

3. Ivery has a criminal history.

Pompeo's husband has a criminal record with a large number of past convictions. His multiple offenses with the law include postal theft, credit card fraud, drug trafficking, counterfeiting documents, and violation of probation. He's also served three prison stints. 

“Her husband has a criminal past,” a source reportedly told Closer Weekly. “Even though it’s been many years since he was in trouble, there’s a little part of Ellen that always wonders if something might bubble up again.”

However, the source also reportedly stated that Ivery's problems with the law happened a long time ago and he's moved past it. “Chris has changed his ways, done a complete turnaround. His problems with the law were a very long time ago, and all his skeletons have been revealed. He’s not running from anything. Chris has been open about the mistakes he’s made and he’s learned from them. He’s not embarrassed. [Today], he’s very committed to being a stand-up guy."

Ivery had already told Pompeo about his past before they were married. The actress herself has even commented on her husband's criminal record. “Show me a teenager from Boston who doesn’t have a record,” she once reportedly said. The source also revealed that Pompeo would "tell their kids about it when they're not so young and the time is right."

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4. They have three children.


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Pompeo and Ivery share three children. They have a son, Eli who's 2, and two daughters, Sienna May who's 4, and Stella Luna who's 9. 

5. Pompeo recently spoke out about the struggles they face from being in an interracial relationship.

The actress recently appeared on Red Table Talk where she opened up about her family and the subject of having an interracial family. “I’m not afraid to talk about race. A lot of people get very nervous when you bring it up, and I understand why they do, but I am not afraid. These are important conversations to have and if you’re afraid to talk about it, that’s a problem right there,” the actress told Jada Pinkett Smith.

Pompeo also spoke about raising her children. “As moms and dads, we have the responsibility to expose our children to all different types of people. To show them the differences in the world. My son looks completely white. You couldn’t even tell that he has any brown in him at all. There is no escaping when your skin is dark. That’s why my children are brown or whatever it is. Because the world will see them that way and they will be discriminated against and they will be judged and they will be spoken to and they will be treated like they are brown because their skin is brown.”

6. Ivery has been the target of cheating rumors.

Pompeo's husband has been the recipient of cheating rumors for years now. In 2009, restaurant hostess Rachel Artz disclosed that she had been involved in an affair with Ivery. However, a representative for Pompeo had reportedly denied that the affair had ever happened. 

In 2012, Ivery was once again accused of being unfaithful to Pompeo. A source reportedly told Hollywood Life that he was seen flirting with another woman at a concert, even allegedly going so far as to ask the woman to go home with him. “Chris was very persistent," the source said. "He even asked her for her number in front of his friends...He knew that she recognized him and knew who he was married to but he didn’t care. He was dead set on getting this girl to go home with him. But she felt weird about it and sorry for Ellen so she didn’t do it.” 

However, Pompeo herself has spoken out about their relationship, calling it honest and open. In an interview with PEOPLE, the actress revealed how supportive Ivery is of her career and success. “My husband is not at all intimidated by my drive, or my bossiness. I never thought I’d be at the height of my career at 48 years old. I’m at the top of my game, with no end in sight.”

She also reportedly said that when it comes to professional success, “it’s really important for men to be on board.” 

“I have a tendency to be a little bit bossy just because I’m juggling so many things. He’s really good about letting me know when I’m talking to him like an employee. Occasionally, I get told ‘I don’t work for you, don’t speak to me like that,’ which is okay. I need to hear it if I’m not coming correct.”

Pompeo even posted a long Father's Day message for Ivery on her Instagram earlier this year.

“This man has been my rock… my soulmate …my protector and has given me the three greatest blessings in my life," Pompeo wrote. "I don’t know how I got so lucky but Wow am I grateful. I don’t take one minute with you or our beautiful babies for granted. Thank you for your love CI… you are my everything.” 

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