25 Best Grey's Anatomy Memes That Will Make You Feel All The Feels

Seattle Grace hospital superfans unite!

grey's anatomy memes

Grey's Anatomy has been on television for over a decade and still — there is no slowing down with this show! Fans are still die-hard about the hour-long ABC drama even though it's had its fair share of drama already. The show is notorious for killing off most of its characters (RIP Derek and George and Izzie and...shall we go on?) so perhaps it's better not to get attached to it in the first place. Or maybe that's what keeps people coming back for more?


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Every season the drama has turned out some real heart-wrenching scenes and also its fair share of emotional love connections. Who could forget the immediate intensity between Meredith and Derick from the first episode? The passion between Izzie and George? The back and forth between Jo and Alex? Twisted triangles, forbidden love, and just downright heart-wrenching breakups are always on the menu for this show.

But there have also been so many uplifting scenes and episodes to balance it out — just never get too comfortable because right around the corner is most likely a plane crash, shooting, explosion, or outrageous near-death experience.


Shonda Rhimes is now considered one of the most creative producers on TV right right now and there's no slowing her down. Her plot-thickening prowess on Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder proves she has a lot more talent than simply writing hospital emergency room scenes. Whether you love the hot doctors, the medical drama, or just the call room craziness, there is something for everyone on Grey's Anatomy.

Including Grey's Anatomy memes. So without further adieu, the 25 best Grey's Anatomy memes that will make you feel all the feels:

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1. Watching this show makes you a doctor...right?


2. #DoctorPuns

3. It's always an emotional rollercoaster.


4. Sign me up for that class.

5. Watching Grey's is a skill right?


6. Tissues on tissues on tissues.

7. Just say love is dead.


8. We all know what that means.

9. RIP literally everyone.


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10. Seattle Grace taught you well.

11. The struggle is real.


12. It's a tough show.

13. Nothing phases you anymore.


14. I know what I'm talking about.

15. Don't bother me during my show, it's a rule.


16. It's impossible for him to look bad.

17. The real OG.


18. More fellow fans?!?

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19. It's so hard to not talk about it, people.


20. You feel her pain.

21. What else can you put us through???


22. Mchotties.

23. Shonda, please answer our prayers.


24. That's true love.

25. We all know the drill.


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