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Who Is Jenesis Sanchez? Details About XXXTentacion's Girlfriend And The Name She Chose For Their Child

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Who Is XXXTentacion’s Baby Mama? Details About Girlfriend Jenesis Sanchez & Baby Name Gekyume Meaning

XXXTentacion died after being shot in his car on June 18, 2018.

After the rapper’s death, XXXTentacion’s mom Cleopatra Bernard posted an ultrasound photo on Instagram, hinting that he had a child on the way. "He left us a final gift,” his mom wrote. Though she didn’t go into detail, a rep for the rapper confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that X’s girlfriend was pregnant with his child.

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At the time, it was unclear who XXXTentacion’s girlfriend was. Fans speculated that the woman pregnant with his baby was a woman named Geneva Ayala, his ex-girlfriend who XXXTentacion allegedly beat.

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However, after XXXTentacion’s death, sources told TMZ that Geneva was not carrying the rapper’s child and in December 2018 his mother revealed that XXXTentacion’s baby mama is Jenesis Sanchez.

1. Jenesis was XXXTentacion’s girlfriend.

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Despite Ayala being XXXTentacion’s last publicly known girlfriend, a source revealed to TMZ that X and Sanchez had been together for quite some time before his death. In fact, the source claimed the two had “been dating for months.”

The Blast reported that prosecutors named Sanchez as “a relevant person” in court documents pertaining to suspect Michael Boatwright’s role in the the murder case, suggesting she had info about his death as she was “someone who spent lots of time with the hip-hop star.”

According to The Blast, Sanchez currently lives with Bernard in a mansion XXXTentacion picked out before his death.

2. XXXTentacion knew Jenesis was pregnant.

Though news about Sanchez’s pregnancy didn’t break until after XXXTentacion’s death, sources close to the rapper reportedly told TMZ that he was aware that she was carrying his child. They kept the news a secret because X “wanted her to have a stress-free pregnancy.”

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3. Jenesis and XXXTentacion’s baby name is Gekyume.

In December 2018, Bernard uploaded a photo of XXXTentacion and Sanchez to Instagram and apparently dropped the baby’s name, captioning it “Gekyume’s mom.”

Those familiar with XXXTentacion will recognize that the name “Gekyume” pays homage to the rapper, who coined the term Gekyume meaning “a different state” or “next universe of thought.”  

The word Gekyume also appeared at the beginning of XXXTentaction’s posthumous “SAD!” official music video. “Hello,” subtitles below a pair of eyes read. “My name is Gekyume. What is your name?” the subtitles continue.

4. The baby is due in January

Photo: The Blast

While early reports guessed that XXXTentacion’s baby would be born in mid-November of 2018, The Blast uploaded a photo of Sanchez’s baby registry which shows that Gekyume’s due date is January 28, 2019.

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