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What Does The Note In XXXTentacion’s Official Video For 'Sad!' Say & Mean?

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What Does The Note Say In XXXTentacion’s Official Video For 'Sad!'? Meaning Of The Full Script Explained

The official video for XXXTentacion's single "Sad!" was released today, drawing massive attention not only due to the close proximity in timing to the 20-year-old rapper's death in a drive-by shooting just 10 days ago on June 18, as well as for the subject matter, but also for the cryptic nature of the script and the many seemingly symbolic references and images portrayed throughout the nearly six minutes of footage.

Watching with jaws undeniably dropped, one cannot help but wonder, what is the meaning of XXXTentacion's script for the "Sad!" video, and in particular, what does the written note say?

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The video, written and creative directed by XXX himself and directed by JMP, is captioned throughout with a script written by the rapper himself.

The note, which appears at the 5:16 mark, can be broken down into at least 3 sections.

First, there is a love note of sorts, cut into the shape of a heart.

The text reads, "OH! AND I WANT HER LOVE ALL TO MYSELF", along with an arrow pointing to the word "LOYALTY" below.

One user on Twitter has speculated that there may be significance to the fact that the arrow is drawn from the E in "love" to the "Y" in loyalty.

Of course, no one can say for sure at this time.

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Next, there is a statement, shown upside down, that reads:








Finally, in the corner of that section, there are words that have been scribbled out.

While the exact text is difficult to discern, it appears to end with: "SHE"??

We will add additional details if we are able to locate them from reliable sources.

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In general, the entire video is full of symbols one has to imagine had great significance to the late rapper. 

Here are six examples we can currently identify with some degree of certainty.

1. "My name is gekyume"

According to Urban Dictionary, this is a "word made by XXXTentacion meaning a 'different state' or 'next' universe of thought."

2. The Bible quote

As he makes his way up the aisle of a church towards his open casket, a sign is shown with a quote from Ezekiel 34:26, "A reign of blessings.”

This could be meant to call attention to the new "reign" of his reincarnated self.

3. The clock

The same user on Twitter posts that "we all know X had a clock tattoo on his left cheek and the clock is ticking but it fades away. One of the theories is that he knew his time was over."

4. Images of his former self

In the video, framed portraits of XXXTentacion showing him as he appeared in the past are displayed next to the casket, possibly signifying that this imagined funeral is being held for his former self, as his newly enlightened self emerges victorious.

5. The hooded figure

Throughout the video, XXX is shown with his head down, seated in a dark room on a solitary chair with a cloaked, hooded figure.

The scene is reminiscent of both portrays of Death, as well as images of terrorist interrogations, and may be meant to symbolize his own internal struggles with himself, as he says in the captions, "your worst enemy is yourself and you seem unbothered."

6. The fight against himself

Once down the aisle, XXX lifts the dead body of his former self from the casket and proceeds to take him into an alleyway for a fight, first beating him with his own hands.

Soon, however, the captions state, "it is your memories that hold you to the person that you were to amount to the light you can become you must understand the power of your mind," immediately after which he continues to battle, and soon defeat, his old self by channeling the strength of the power he finds within himself.

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If you are interested in exploring the possible meanings and symbols within the video for yourself, here is the full script of the captions shown throughout:


my name is gekyume

what is your name?

how old are you?

why are you watching this video?

hmmmm …. ok

why do you love?

now, why do you hate?

what is your blood type?

birth time and place?


here is your warning and soul’s demand by perceiving this video

if you are watching you are subjected to a segmented piece of my creative aura and wishes

you are now in 'my' world or… a piece of my consciousness as one would say

here is my demand

you will spread love throughout the world, praise and joy unto my name and change the overall cycle of energy we are all digesting

the world is in need of change, humans must learn to love and compromise rather than destroy

blessings be upon those who have come to this visual presentation with good energy and love rather than malice

and those with negative intent, thank you

your energy has been transmuted in the amount of time you’ve taken to give your energy

the world will soon be more loving, you will see

they do not understand you.

do you not fear?

your worst enemy is yourself and you seem unbothered

though you cannot pretend you have walked through life unscathed…

it is your memories that hold you to the person that you were

to amount to the light you can become

you must understand the power of your mind

you have done well at battling yourself

your demon seems to honor your efforts

are you satisfied?


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