Who Is Olga Vlasova? New Details On The Woman Who Claims To Be Having An Affair With Kit Harington

Kit's reps call the claims "absolutely false."

Who Is Olga Vlasova? New Details On The Woman Who Claims To Be Having An Affair With Kit Harington Instagram

It's been five months since Game of Thrones stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie tied the knot, and the newlyweds have just been hit with their first cheating scandal. 

The rumors surfaced after Russian model Olga Vlasova allegedly shared what she claimed were nude photos of Harington, claiming the two had slept together multiple times both before and after Harington's wedding in June. 

Harington, 31, wed his co-star this summer in a star-studded ceremony in Scotland after announcing their engagement in September 2017. The pair had been linked romantically since 2012 before confirming their relationship in 2016.


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The cheating rumors have largely been dismissed, with Harington's rep telling People the model's claims are "completely false." Whether or not the flimsy allegations are to be believed, GOT fans can't help but wonder, who is Olga Vlasova? 

Perhaps tellingly, the alleged mistress doesn't have much in the way of a digital footprint, but here's everything we know about the woman claiming to have had an affair with Kit Harington. 

1. Model and actress 

Various outlets reporting on the cheating allegations refer to Vlasova as a Russian model and actress. According to ET Canada and Marie Claire, Vlasova stars in a Russian TV series called Doma-2



A post shared by OLGA VLASOVA (@olga.vlasova.fit) on Nov 23, 2018 at 1:59pm PST

2. Love in Luxembourg

According to reports, Vlasova claims she and Harington met in Luxembourg, where sparks flew and they allegedly began an affair that extended throughout Harington's engagement and into his marriage to Leslie.

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3. Photo "evidence" 

So what's in the photo that Vlasova's wielding as evidence of her and Harington's affair? According to ET, the photos reveal a nude man (allegedly Harington) lying in what appears to be a hotel bed with a laptop.



A post shared by OLGA VLASOVA (@olga.vlasova.fit) on Aug 23, 2018 at 12:01am PDT

4. Debunking the allegations

Unfortunately for Vlasova, in today's world of deep fakes, photo editing, and cloud hacking, photo evidence doesn't go as far as it once did. Perez Hilton had so little faith in the allegations that the outlet refused to even link to the pictures, instead explaining the various ways the photos could have been faked or stolen. While the outlet admits the man in the photo does look "a LOT" like Harington, "it could be a look alike. It could even be a deep fake."


And even if the photos are real, Hilton points out that there's no evidence that links them to any nefarious extramarital behavior. There's no sign of the self-proclaimed mistress, and there's no reason to believe she was the one behind the camera. The photo could've easily been hacked from the cloud, or, to borrow Hilton's tongue-in-cheek speculation, "taken by hotel staff who snuck into his room to steal a peek."

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5. They've never even met

Harington has adamantly denied the tepid rumors, with a rep for the actor telling E! News, "The allegations in this story are completely false." According to the rep, Harington "has never even been to Luxembourg, nor has he ever met Olga Vlasova." 

Fortunately for fans of the GOT power couple, these cheating rumors seem to be totally unsubstantiated, so Harington and Leslie can resume their regularly scheduled couple goals status.


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