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Is Karine From 90-Day Fiancé Pregnant? New Rumors She's Expecting With Paul

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Is Karine from 90-Day Fiancé pregnant?

Is Karine from 90-Day Fiance pregnant? Fans of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days are familiar with the ongoing saga of Karine and Paul. Paul, a Kentucky native, famously ventured into the Amazon region of Brazil to meet Karine, despite his fears of mosquitoes, parasites, and violent criminals.

He was right about the criminals. They were mugged with a machete during his first visit. His fear of microscopic fish that would swim up his penis turned out to be based on an urban legend.

In the current season, Paul is back in Brazil and he and Karine have gotten married so he can bring her back to the US on a spouse visa. Karine has already talked about starting a family as well.

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Are Paul and Karine already expecting? Read on to find out.

1. Flashback

When last we left this couple, Karine had agreed to marry Paul despite his neurosis and confession of a criminal record. He hasn’t fully won over her family and his own mother is still skeptical about the relationship. Regardless, the two lovebird are determined to make it work.

2. Love Language

One of the biggest obstacles to happiness was their total lack of shared language. Karine spoke only Portuguese but Paul on spoke English. They communicated via translator app during their first season. During their time apart, their language skills didn’t progress much. They each picked up a few phrases but mainly they got a better translator app.

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3. Wedding bells

Paul and Karine moved forward with a wedding. Paul even learned enough Portuguese to say his vows in his new wife’s native language. After the ceremony the couple settled into their small apartment to begin their lives together


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4. Bambino

Even before the wedding, Karine told Paul she wanted to get going on starting a family right away Paul was reluctant, given the uncertain state of the future. But Karine made the case that it would improve their relationship. In a confessional interview, she explained that she thought a baby would make Paul follow through on the marriage and moving back to the states.

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5. Family drama

Both families have skepticism about the whole relationship. Paul’s mother was absolutely against Paul and Karine having a baby;she told him not to even consider it. Karine’s parents aren’t even on board with the marriage. After an incident where Paul fights with Karine’s brother on social media, her mom says she hopes they divorce.


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6. Laziness? O first trimester?

One of Paul’s chief complaints is that Karine doesn’t help around the house and she spends a lot of time sleeping. Paul may not know much about pregnancy but audiences have been muttering that Karine’s exhaustion and the moodiness that leads to many of their fights seem an awful lot like early pregnancy symptoms.

7. Spoiler

Fans have also noticed that there’s a lot of creative camera work going on this season to make sure they only show Karine from the shoulders up, whenever possible. The subterfuge might have worked if only Paul hadn’t messed it all up months ago by accidentally posting baby bump shots of Karine on Instagram. He quickly deleted the posts but audiences have been expecting an official pregnancy announcement for months.

8. Reveal

The trailer for the upcoming episode hints at a big surprise for Paul. fans are rooting for it to be the moment where Paul finally learns that he’s going to be a dad but with this couple you never know. TLC might take things a different way and leave us hanging, with a cliffhanger designed to make us tune in to yet another season of Paul and Karine.

Is this twosome about to become three? Hopefully we will find out soon.

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