30 Best Sister Tattoos

Sister, sister!

sister tattoos

I'm the oldest of 4 kids. After me comes my sister, and then my two brothers. We're all 3 years apart, and as soon as my youngest brother turned 18 I started hollering at them all about us getting sibling tattoos. Of course, we've yet to reach a consensus.

One brother is on the fence, the other swears he'll never do it. Luckily, my sister, the only sibling more inked than I am, is all in... provided we find the right design, one of the perfect sister tattoos that captures who we are to each other. That, my friends, is a pretty tall order!


It's difficult enough when it's just you all on your lonesome getting a tattoo, but it's a whole added level of complication when you decide to get a matching or coordinating tattoo with someone you love. You want to be sure it's something you all love enough that you want to have it permanently inked into your flesh, and that's a serious commitment. That's why finding the perfect tattoo for you and your brother or your sister is so important.

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In my quest for the perfect tattoo to get with my sister, I've saved more than my fair share of images so beautiful that I had to save them just in case. Sister tattoos don't need to include the word sister, though many do. What amazes me the most about some of these tattoos is how there seems to be no limit to the different way that sisters can represent the special bond that they share on their bodies with a beautiful tattoo.


Here are 30 ideas to inspire you as you look for the perfect design. 

1. The colors of the wind 

2. Seeds in a pod 

3. Right through the heart 

4. Soul sister 

5. "Together forever, never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart."

6. "You keep me safe, you keep me wild."

7. Floral perfection 

8. Sisters

9. Hello? 

10. Big sister, little sister 

11. CatDog! 

12. Like the moon and the sun 

13. Knotted up with you 

14. We go together like... 

15. You get two shots.

16. The key to my... 

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17. "Different flowers from the same garden."

18. Model number 1 of 4

19. "I carry your heart with me, I carry it in my heart."

20. "There is no better friend than a sister, and no better sister than you."

21. Swingin' sisters 

22. "Ohana" means family.

23. Wild and wolves 

24. Simple but stunning 

25. For the geometrically inclined 

26. More like six eyes

27. She's not a heel, she's my sister.

28. Keep 'em crossed

29. The same but different 

30. Sisters and cats, both give good cuddles! 

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