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New Details About Fabrizio Corona, Asia Argento's New Boyfriend

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Who Is Asia Argento Boyfriend? Details Fabrizio Corona

Asia Argento has a new man!

The Italian actress, who was most recently linked to the late famed chef Anthony Bourdain, has moved on and is reportedly dating Fabrizio Corona. 

In an interview with Domenica In, Argento,43, touched on her dating life, saying she and her fling are still new but that she hopes to see him more.

'We met twice, I hope there is a third," she said Sunday. "I am in Rome, he is in Milan. We are in contact every day, that's okay with me."

Paparazzi crashed the budding couple's first date so they made sure the second was more private, Argento said.

'I made an appointment at my house for fear of the paparazzi. During that meeting I was stunned: he is a sensitive, profound person,' she said of Corona, who is a famed paparazzo himself.

But Argento, who was recently involved with the Me Too Movement followed by a sexual assault accusation, said tabloids should not jump to conclusions about her relationship with Corona.

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"Everyone tells me something but I do not listen, is like a buzz. Fallen in love? Please," she said. "I saw him twice and I do not fall in love for a long time. I am intelligent, educated, I can wait." 

The two are an item but are not as serious as of now.

So who is Asia Argento's boyfriend Fabrizio Corona?

1. He is the "king" of Italian paparazzi.


Lasciatemi stare perché poi sono cazzi vostri... #jesopazz #pinodaniele #devildoesntsleep #adalet

A post shared by Fabrizio Corona (@fabriziocoronareal) on Oct 28, 2018 at 10:49am PDT

Corona is one of the most widely-known paparazzo in Italy, which earned him the title of "king of paparazzi." The heavily tattooed Italian is a former partner and administrator of Corona's, an obsolete Milan-based photo agency.

2. He served time in jail for blackmail.


DOMANI INIZIA LA SCUOLA:OBIETTIVO ACCULTURARSI.Forza Carlosmaria @carlosmariacoronareal

A post shared by Fabrizio Corona (@fabriziocoronareal) on Sep 9, 2018 at 1:29pm PDT

Corona was released from prison in February, ANSA reported. He was given a one-year sentence, which was reduced to six months, for a case involving the 2.6 million euros in cash that were found hidden in a ceiling and in safety deposit boxes in Austria.

He also went through a series of trials for blackmailing several celebrities and professional athletes with photos in an effort to extort money from them and was jailed for three years and eight months in 2009.

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3. He revealed TMI about their second date.


Una buona vita. @bonavita_official #bonavita #fortiemozionisempre

A post shared by Fabrizio Corona (@fabriziocoronareal) on Sep 18, 2018 at 10:56am PDT

Corona appeared on the Italian talk show Verissimo and spoke about the pair's second date, giving the audience TMI about their sexy meet.

"We talked for hours," he said in the interview earlier this week. "Then I stood up, I took her head in my hands, we kissed, I laid her on the table and we made beautiful love for an hour."

4. He is divorced.

Corona married Croatian model Nina Morić in 2001. Their marriage lasted over a decade until they decided to split and divorced in April 2014.

Corona has one child from his previous marriage, a 16-year-old son named Carlos Maria Corona. He has called Carlos his everything and appears to be on good terms with his ex-wife.

5. He is a TV personality.


Corona has appeared as himself on a handful of Television shows, including "Verissimo," "La fattoria," and "Non è l'Arena." He played the role of Walter in the movie "Italian Business," and has been in multiple documentaries like "Il Ribelle" and "Vidocracy."

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