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Are Nikki Bella And Peter Krause Dating? New Details On Their Secret Romance

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InstagramAre Nikki Bella and Peter Krause Dating? New Details On Their Secret Romance

Are Nikki Bella and Peter Krause dating? There’s new couples buzz about Nikki Bella this week. The recently single wrestler and reality star appears to be ready to move on romantically. In a teaser for her show Total Bellas, we see her out on a date with a new guy — and he has quite a romantic history of his ow! She steps out with Bachelorette fan-favorite Peter Kraus.

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Are these two the next great Hollywood love story? Read on to find out.

1. Nikki

Nikki is best knownfor her WWE career. She and her twin sister Brie wrestle as the Bella Twins and they’ve racked up a good many championships in their career. She started gaining real mainstream attention when she and her sister appeared on the E! reality show Total Divas. She and Brie got their own spin-off Total Bellas in 2016 and fans love the insider look at the lives of stars.

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2. John Cena

One of the big plot lines on Total Bellas has been Nikki’s long-time relationship with wrestling star John Cena. The couple started dating in 2012 and there was a long period of wondering if they would ever get married. John finally popped the question after a mixed tag team match during WrestleMania 33 in 2017. They were set to wed in may of 2018, but called off the wedding — and the relationship — a month before they were supposed to walk down the aisle.


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3. Moving on

Nikki told Cosmo that she was ready to move on from John both personally and professionally saying, “We’re both at the point that we just don’t want to be talked about at all together anymore. We don’t want our breakup to define us or interfere with our work. And that was happening for a while.”

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4. Peter Kraus

Peter is a personal trainer from Wisconsin and appeared on The Bachelorette in 2017. He was one of the final two contestants vying for Rachel Lindsay’s love. While he confessed to being in love with his bachelorette, he didn’t feel ready to commit to marriage and went back home to Wisconsin. While some fans hoped he’d appear as the next bachelor, that never panned out and Kraus is now pitching skincare products and looking for love in real life.


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5. Matchmaker

Nikki is ready to start dating again, with the encouragement of sister Brie. On a teaser for the new season of Bellas, Brie says ““Nicole gave me permission to set her up on a date.” She goes on to brainstorm the perfect man for getting her sister back out there and says, “Alright, let’s see … Peter from The Bachelor!”

6. Romance

The couple gamely accept the set up and audiences have seen clips of them riding together in a gondola and sharing a bottle of wine. Nikki tells the camera, however, that she has concerns, saying, “I don’t know if I’m ready for this.”

7. Kiss?

Peter doesn’t seem to be as hesitant as Nikki and the preview shows him going in for the kiss and … that’s where the clips cut off.


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