Who Is Jackie Rosen's Husband? New Details On Larry Rosen

He's a radiologist.

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Now that 2018 midterm elections are over (at least for the most part), one of the only Senate seats won by a Democrat is that of Nevada. Jacky Rosen defeated Dean Heller, a Republican and Trump ally, and will serve as a U.S. Senator come January.

But before winning her seat, she was a U.S. Representative for Nevada since 2017, and is the only “freshman” in the House to win a Senate seat during this midterm season.


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Rosen is considered a liberal among Democrats, though she’s also been called moderate and progressive. But being in the spotlight is nothing new for her, as the president has personally and embarrassingly attacked her for opposing him.


Though her win is a victory for Democrats, we can’t help but wonder how her family will be affected. So, just who is Jacky Rosen’s husband? Here are  details to know about Larry Rosen and their life together.

1. They’ve been married for 25 years.

The couple wed in 1993 and recently celebrated their wedding anniversary in September

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2. They are Jewish.

Before she had a career in politics, Rosen was president of the Congregation Ner Tamid synagogue, which is a Reform Jewish synagogue in Henderson, Nevada. This makes her one of just seven Jewish Senators.

3. He has multiple degrees.

He graduated with a medical degree from UCLA School of Dentistry.

4. He’s a radiologist.

He’s a former employee of Southwest Gas, as well as Radiology Specialists, based in Las Vegas. He worked as a programmer at Southwest Gas.

5. They have one child.

The couple are parents to a daughter, Miranda, born in 1995. She graduated from the University of Sussex, majoring in Contemporary History.


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