Who Is Brian Kemp's Wife? New Details On Marty Kemp

They have three teenage daughters.

who is Brian Kemp's wife marty kemp

In a race for the Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams continue to face off in an election that may result in a runoff. The race itself is very close, with Kemp leading by 80,000 votes, but the total does not include the absentee and provisional ballots. Abrams pledges not to concede until “every vote is counted.”

If you’ve been following this particular election, you know how contentious it’s been between these opponents. Abrams alleged that Kemp has suppressed voters at least two weeks before the election, with Kemp asking why Abrams had encouraged people to break the law to vote. Kemp was taken to court in 2016 for 53,000 “pending” voter registrations. He was also responsible for voter purges right after announcing his candidacy.


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So, no matter what the outcome of this particular election, we’re curious about Kemp’s personal life. Abrams herself is not married nor does she have children, but who is Brian Kemp’s wife and what role has she played in his run for Governor? Here are 5 things to know about Marty Kemp.


1. They’ve known each other for most of their lives.

The couple both grew up in Athens, GA. They attended the same high school, and college, the University of Georgia, in the 1980s.

2. They have three children.

They are parents to three teenage daughters: Jarrett, Lucy, and Amy. Jarrett recently graduated high school and Lucy is not far behind, while Amy is their youngest and still attends high school. They’ve also appeared in one of his campaign ads.

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In a separate, and somewhat controversial ad, Kemp is a protective father who questions a young boy interested in his daughters, having a shotgun pointed at him while he describes Kemp’s viewpoints.

3. Her father was a politician as well.

Marty is the daughter of Bob Argo, who represented their hometown of Athens in the Georgia State Assembly. Though he passed away in 2016, family and friends described him as a Southern politician who cared about his state and the University of Georgia. Argo was also a Democrat, which his son-in-law was eventually able to overcome.

4. She’s stood by her husband since the beginning.

Since he announced his bid for Governor, she’s campaigned on his behalf, and also sells merchandise. She’s traveled to rallies across the state and has even spoken at some of them.


5. They are Episcopalian.

The couple belongs to the Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Athens. Kemp has even said that he spent most of his life growing up in the church.


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