This Personality Test Reveals How Likely You Are To Get Fired

This Personality Test Reveals How Likely You Are To Get Fired

Nobody wants to get fired. Getting a job is hard enough, what with the resume tweaking and the constantly revolving door of perfectly executed cover letters.

When you finally do get an interview at a place that you actually want to work, it's takes all your energy to keep from dancing your way out of the door when they make you an offer to get started. Once you land that perfect job, you spend every day trying to prove to those around you that they made the right choice when they brought you on board.

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That's why get fired sucks the big one. Because sure, you get to sleep in for a little while, but you've also totally lost out on a source of income, and to make matters even worse, you've probably lost the respect of some colleagues whose opinion of you mattered.

If you work super-hard and you're still always a little bit worried that you're going to get fired, you're in the right place. That's because this free personality test is designed to let you know just how likely you are to get the chop.

This personality quiz couldn't be any simpler. All you need to do to get your amazing results is look at the optical illusion image below, paying close attention to the first thing that catches your eye.

Once you've done this, scroll down and read about how what you saw first gives us the inner glimpse of who you are that we need to see in order to determine how likely you are to get fired from your current job. It's test time! Do you have what it takes to keep on working it?

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The Woman

If you saw the woman first when you saw this image, you're the sort of person who is always worried about getting fired, and not worrying enough about actually doing your job. As long as you redirect your nervous energy towards doing the tasks that you were hired to do, chances are you won't be fired.

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When you leave this job it will be by your own choice, provided you can chill out and focus out. Don't let paranoia rule the day. You were hired because you're good at what you do, so go do it! 

The Owl 

If you saw the owl first when you looked at this image, you're the sort of person who has been fired before, so it takes you a while to trust your new employer. You've been down the road of loyal employee who is fired abruptly and without cause and never saw it coming.

You won't be fired, but if you want to succeed at your job you'll need to start trusting the people around you. The people you work with don't need to be your best friends, but they do need to be people who you can spend time around while being your best self. 

The Creek Bed 

If you saw the creek bed first when you looked at this image, you're the sort of person who is used to bouncing from job to job. Sometimes you quit your position, while other times, yes, you are fired.

If you want to stay at the job you have currently, stop trying to be the person in charge. Yes, demonstrating leadership skills is crucial for promotion, but not the way you can do it, where it makes others feel like you think you know better than everyone else. You may be fired if you don't stop, so take a breath and humble yourself. 

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