Who Is Cory Gardner's Wife? New Details On Jaime Gardner

They have three kids.

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Throughout the last few months, both sides of the political spectrum have cast criticism and anger toward the Brett Kavanaugh hearings when the now-Supreme Court Justice was accused of sexual assault and sexual misconduct. After a jarring few weeks, he was eventually confirmed, with a vast majority of Republicans supporting him. Cory Gardner is one of them.

Gardner has served as a U.S. Senator since 2015, representing the state of Colorado. Before winning his seat, he was the U.S. Representative for Colorado's 4th congressional district as well as a member in the Colorado House of Representatives. He’s currently the chairman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and there’s no doubt that he holds traditional conservative values.


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He’s against sensible gun control, voted to repeal the ACA, is pro-fracking, and is against same-sex marriage as well as net neutrality. And though his family stays out of the spotlight, we’re curious about just who is Cory Gardner’s wife. Here are 6 details to know about Jaime Gardner.

1. She has a degree in Criminal Law and Russian.

In 2000, Jamie received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado, doing a double major in International Security, Criminal Justice & Law, and minoring in Russian Language and Economics.


2. They have three kids.

The couple are parents to three children: Alyson, 14, Thatcher, 6, and Caitlyn, 4. She posts frequently about her family on social media, and friends describe her as a traditional conservative mother and wife.

3. They live in Yuma, Colorado.

Since her husband is a fifth generation Colorado resident, the couple and their kids live in Yuma, in a home that his great-grandparents lived in. Cory’s family has also owned a farm implement dealership in this town for over a century.


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4. She’s a public relations consultant.

Though she has experience working for government agencies and splits her time as a full-time mom, she currently works as a principal at High Plains Communication, LLC, which is a Denver-area public relations firm.


5. She has ties to the oil industry.

Jaime was hired as the president of the Consumer Energy Education Foundation, a pro-industry corporation with ties to lobbyists for gas and oil industries. Her husband was accused of being influenced by his wife’s job.

6. She received threats after her husband voted “yes” for Brett Kavanaugh.

Jaime received a text message that included a video attachment to a “gruesome” video of a beheading. Apparently, someone had released the information of Gardner’s family members, and Twitter was calling for Debra Ramirez, one of the women who accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, to run against Gardner in 2020.


Jeff Hays, the Colorado GOP Chair, said, “Someone who would threaten a man’s family over his political beliefs has to be the lowest form of life. We want Cory and his wife to know they have our unwavering support in what must be a frightening time.”

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