Who Is Susan Collins' Husband? New Details About Thomas Daffron

They started as work friends.

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Many of us are familiar with Susan Collins, as she's one of the Republican females that have stood out, especially as of late. She is one of the most important swing votes in Brett Kavanaugh's nomination and whether or not he will be confirmed to the Supreme Court, along with Senators Lisa Murkowski and Jeff Flake.

She was elected as a United States Senator from Maine in 1996, and since then, has become the most senior Republican woman in the Senate, though she is described as the most “moderate” in the party.


There’s no doubt she worked her butt off to get where she is today, moving through the ranks by starting as a staff assistant, becoming a staff director, and then a commissioner. And though she lost the election for the 1994 general election as Governor of Maine, she has found constant success as a Senator.

But what about her personal life? What do we know about her family? Who is who is Susan Collins’ husband? Here are 8 things to know about Thomas Daffron.

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1. He was born and raised in New York.

Daffron is a New York native and was raised by a family of journalists, unlike his wife who is in politics. His father was an editor at The New York Times and his uncle worked for newspapers and magazines.

According to him, “I think I had some interest in politics, but it wasn’t that strong until I started writing editorials. The whole process was intriguing to me, not only of how people got elected, but how Congress functions.”


2. He has two degrees.

He graduated from Brown University with a bachelor’s degree, and then obtained his master’s in journalism from Columbia University. After graduating, he became a reporter for the Miami Herald and wrote editorials for Wilmington News-Journal.

3. He works for a consulting firm.

He’s currently the chief operating officer for Jefferson Consulting Group, which is a lobbying and consulting firm in Washington. Before that, he worked for two D.C.-area political consultancies with “lobbying arms.” He was executive vice president of Chesapeake Enterprises from 2001 to 2004, and also worked with American Defense International, representing companies seeking Pentagon and Homeland Security contracts.

But at his current place of employment, “We do very little lobbying at Jefferson as a general rule, and I don’t do any and haven’t for at least five years. I’ve never lobbied Susan and would not because I think it would be inappropriate.” 


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4. He was married once before.

Though we don’t have details about his first wife, the couple had three children, all of whom are grown now and appeared in his wedding to Collins.

5. They’ve known each other for decades.

The two met in 1974 when Collins interned for Maine congressman William Cohen when she was just 21 years old. Daffron served as chief of staff to Cohen for nearly two decades, and mentored Collins on the inner workings of the Senate. He gave her opportunities to hone her talents as well with this knowledge.

When Collins entered politics later in life, he was one of her advisors. According to Collins herself, Daffron “was the driving force behind her successful bid to fill Cohen’s seat after he stepped down from the Senate in 1996.”


6. They married in 2012.

Photo: Jennifer Capriola/East Shore Photography

Though they knew each other for almost 40 years, they didn’t tie the knot until much later. They wed in Collins’ hometown of Caribou, Maine in August 2012, with about 50 family members and close friends in attendance.

7. They are best friends.

Who doesn’t want to marry their best friend! Daffron has said, “Somebody once said that the best person to marry is your best friend. This evolved from a working relationship to a friendship when I was working on her campaigns and now to husband and wife. I’ve known her for a long time, which I think will be beneficial to us in the long run because there will be few surprises, as we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.” How sweet is that?


Former congressman Cohen even commented on their relationship, saying, “They deserve great happiness and are wonderfully matched. They bring out the best in each other.” Awww!

8. He stays out of the spotlight.

It’s no wonder we don’t hear his name that much because while he is a minor part of politics, he sticks to behind-the-scenes. Senate minority leader Barry Hobbins once said, “He has influence in Maine’s politics, but he doesn’t leave fingerprints,” which couldn’t be more true.


And Ted O’Meara, a former Cohen staffer, agrees: “Tom is well known in political circles, but isn’t a household name. He’s one of those people who is in the background, but if anyone on the Republican side is thinking of running for office, Tom is on the list to talk to, both for his insight and wisdom and humor.”

Even his wife can vouch for him wanting to stay out of the spotlight: “Tom shuns the limelight as avidly as many in this business seek it out.”

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