Who Is Jeff Flake's Wife? New Details About Cheryl Flake

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who is Jeff Flake's wife

Senator Jeff Flake has been in the spotlight lately with the Ford/Kavanaugh hearing, with many questioning whether or not he will vote “yes” on the Supreme Court nominee. He recently confirmed he will vote in favor of Kavanuagh. But Flake has served as a United States Senator from Arizona since 2012, and was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 2001 to 2013. He recently announced that he would not seek re-election but became Arizona’s senior U.S. Senator after the passing of John McCain.

We’re more curious about his personal life, though. What is his family life like? How does his family deal with his career in politics? That’s why we want to know: who is Jeff Flake's wife? Here are 5 things to know about Cheryl Flake (née Bae).

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1. They met in college.


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The Flakes attended Brigham Young University, a religious college owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The couple married in 1985 just a few months after graduating.

2. They are Mormon.

Jeff and Cheryl are members of the Church of Latter Day Saints. Though we're unsure if Cheryl converted to Mormonism, Flake grew up as part of a large Mormon family, an upbringing that influenced his politics.

3. They have five children.

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The couple has five kids — four sons and one daughter — Alexis, Austin, Tanner, Ryan, and Dallin.

Son Tanner found himself in the spotlight in 2015 after making offensive tweets and Facebook comments. He used the N-word and made anti-Semitic remarks. Flake had to apologize for his son, and Tanner later apologized as well: “This language is unacceptable, anywhere. Needless to say, I’ve already spoken with him about this, he has apologized, and I apologize as well.”

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The daughter Alexis, however, is a former beauty queen and now a mother and wife. She and her husband, Jason Arias, both attended BYU; he proposed in 2013 on the dome of the US capitol, and the couple now has one son together.

4. They sued Joe Arpaio.

The Flakes filed a lawsuit against Arpaio for an “alleged conspiracy in relation to the deaths of 21 dogs.” They claimed that Arpaio, who has been accused of racism and inhumane punishments, and the sheriff’s department wrongfully indicted them for 21 dogs dying from heat exhaustion while son Austin and his then-wife Logan were watching them. Arpaio alleged that there was intention to kill the dogs, but the case was eventually dropped.

In a letter from the Flakes’ lawyer, he said the sheriff’s office designed a plan to “harm their reputations by presenting false and misleading information... Defendant Arpaio has made statements that he loves this case, and others like it because the more he publicizes them, the more money that he receives in campaign contributions. Defendant Arpaio knew that the Flake name would garner publicity, and publicized the criminal case against the Flakes heavily.”

5. They own a large home in Mesa, AZ.

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According to the Phoenix New Times, the family owns a 4,625-square foot home that they purchased in 1999 for $440,000. As of 2017, the value is $587,000, and has 4.75 bathrooms and a three-car garage.

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