40 Best Foot Tattoos

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40 Best Foot Tattoos

They say that getting a tattoo is addictive, and as a person with many of them myself I have to say that it's true. There's something about getting a personal symbol or phrase marked indelibly into the skin that just leaves a person wanting more, more, and more.

Of course, you only have so much skin to go around! And unless your motorcycle repair person or a tattoo artist or a famous rock star (hi to any famous rock stars reading this), you can't exactly go around tattooing every single inch of your body and still get the best gigs around. 

That's part (and just part) of what makes getting foot tattoos such a cool idea. The foot is a difficult and painful area to tattoo, but if you go the right artist, you can come away with something truly special that won't hurt the likelihood of you getting a job at any point in the future.

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If you know that you want to add ink to your body and you want to put it someplace discreet, the foot is the way to go. If you need ideas for foot tattoo designs, try some of these cool suggestions. 

1. Fearless

2. Anime inspired 

3. Fly away home

4. Say your prayers


5. The birds and the bats

6. Believe 

7. A coiled snake 

8. See the sights 

9. In bloom 

10. Take a hike 

11. Time flies 

12. Boys and girls and skulls 

13. Youch!

14. Light as a feather 

15. Rocky mountain high 

16. Heart beat 

17. Alice in Wonderland 

18. Remember who you are 

19. Flutter-by 

20. Pac-Man

21. Starry Night 

22. Dancing through life 

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23. Cherry blossoms 

24. Sea turtle 

25. Eye of the tiger

26. Phases of the moon 

27. Simple flowers 

28. Pokemon power

29. Illuminate 

30. Just like heaven 

31. The Little Prince inspired 

32. A lucky charm 

33. Eye catching 

34. It takes two 

35. A life lesson 

36. Tied up with a bow 

37. Wolf pack 

38. Look at that panda

39. Mini maples 

40. Out of this world 

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