New Details About Brielle Biermann's Ex-Boyfriend — And If They're Back Together

Slade Osborne is back.

Who Is Brielle Biermann Boyfriend? Details Ex Slade Osborne Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim Daughter Instagram

It looks like Brielle Biermann is back with her ex, Slade Osborne.

The two were spotted flirting and kissing in the ocean Sunday while celebrating Osborne's 24th birthday. They weren't shy about PDA and had their hands all over each other in the sunny Miami weather, Page Six reported.

The young lovebirds shared their journey as boyfriend and girlfriend on Don't Be Tardy, as well as their breakup. Osborne and Biermann, who is the daughter of Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kim Zolciak, called it quits in 2015 and are currently trying the whole dating thing again three years later.


Despite the nasty split, which was rumored to be a result of Osborne's wandering eyes, the two have been getting along for some time, now more than ever.

Daily Mail caught Biermann, 21, and Osborne on film as they cuddled and kissed in the water, making it clear they are back on.


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Biermann posted a glimpse of the hotel she stayed at in the South Florida hotspot, but it is unclear if she shared the blissful stay with her newly rekindled love.




A post shared by Brielle Biermann (@briellebiermann) on Oct 19, 2018 at 8:52am PDT

The Miami vacation came just in time for Osborne's birthday, which Biermann spared no time posting about on Instagram. 


"SCREAMING HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend, my angel, my love forever!" she captioned the photo of herself and Osborne. "You’ve been one of the best things that’s ever happened to me for the past 5 years and i couldn’t imagine a life without your silly self! Here’s to doing crazy, impulsive, erratic s*** together for the rest of our lives! Love you forever!"

Biermann basically announced a future marriage where they'd be partners "for the rest of our lives!" If that doesn't scream "back together" I don't know what does.

So who is Slade Osborne, Brielle Biermann's on-again, off-again boyfriend?

1. He's kept in touch with Biermann's family.


Ever since Biermann and Osborne parted ways, they have stayed in each other's life.

"We broke up two weeks ago. Even though you will see us as a couple for the rest of the season on Don't Be Tardy, we are no longer together," Brielle shared with E! News in October of 2015. "He's not the man I thought he was and, as a result, my entire family and myself are disappointed."

Biermann's family even continued to treat him like a son-in-law.


In September, Biermann and Osborne took her twin sisters to get pedicures together, sparking theories that they were back on again. It looks like the rumors were right.

2. He (jokingly?) threw shade at Biermann on Instagram.

Osborne posted a picture with one of Biermann's sister and referred to her as a "better" girlfriend than her.

In the post, Osborne wished Biermann's mother a happy birthday and added, "thankful for my new Biermann girlfriend. She’s a lot better than the last."


Osborne has continued to be a part of Biermann's family so it was likely a joke.

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3. He graduated from the University of Georgia.

In May, Osborne announced that he had graduated from the University of Georgia, adding that he felt blessed to have done so. 


It appears he and Biermann were on good terms then, too, because she took to the comment section to say "Ur welcome."

4. He's a mama's boy. 



Mommas boy

A post shared by Slade Osborne (@sladeosborne) on Jul 29, 2018 at 7:25pm PDT

Osborne's Instagram is filled with cute photos of his mom! There are plenty of pictures of him drinking, skiing, and rooting for the Dawgs with Mama Osborne and he made sure to dedicate a post to her on holidays like Mother's Day and Valentine's Day.

How sweet!


5. He's a dog person.




A post shared by Slade Osborne (@sladeosborne) on Mar 23, 2016 at 5:28pm PDT

It's unclear whether he likes cats or not, but we do know he loves dogs.

Osborne has shared photos of his many pups all over his social media, including one that passed away recently. He owns an adorable husky with bright blue eyes, a black, brown and white pup that also has blue eyes, and wrote an emotional tribute to his old dog, Maxie, when he had to say goodbye.

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