35 Best Half-Up Bun Hairstyles That Don't Look Messy

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Rushing out the door for work or school in the morning isn't fun for any of us, especially when our peers somehow happen to get dressed every morning and look their best. Hold on to your seats as the hair trend that'll save your life comes through.


These half up half down bun hairstyle looks were hand-picked to help you look and feel your best all day long.

It's always a good idea to bring a section of your hair up and away from your face!

From barrel curls to French braids, there is a half up half down bun hairstyle here that just about anyone can tackle.

And we've even added a few products along the way to help you achieve maximum perfection!

Be sure to make adjustments as you see fit and remember to make each hairstyle your own. It can be difficult to make everything look like the pictures, but just remember your hair is a form of expression and whatever the end result is, it's beautiful, so work it!


1. Low Messy Bun

If you're in a pinch for time and needing a great second-hair look, this style is for you. Add to this look with a Free People hair scarf, or some stylish glasses.

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2. Loose Waves

If you're working with some long locks, this look is so effortless and stunning. Add some loose waves and toss your hair into a loose bun. This look is perfect for the fall and winter weather.

3. Added Braid


Spice up your typical half-bun hairstyle with an added braid on the side. You can make this braid as thick or as thin as you would like. For added style, pull out the braid to give it a more messy effect.

4. Double French Braid Bun

If you've mastered the French braid, start by adding two on your head and lead it into a loose bun. This adds so much dimension to an already simple style and your hair will be wavy and night-time ready when you let your hair down in the evening.


5. Simple Top Knot

Simply divide your hair into a section at the top of your head, twist your hair, and then wrap it around until you've created the ultimate top knot. Style this great look with a few bobby pins or a hair tie.

6. Easy Shot Hair Up-Do


If your hair is on the shorter side, half buns are still in your future, you just have to get a little crafty! Create this look by pulling your hair back and pinning up or tying it loosely in a hair tie. A perfect day-to-night look and all you have to do is add some statement earrings!

7. French Braid Masterpiece 

While this is a little more advanced, practice does make perfect! Start by curling your hair in loose waves until you reach the perfect beachy wave texture (This spray is great for added texture for a more complex style like this one). Next, you'll want to section your hair off into a loose bun, and simply French braid around the part and take it down to the end of the hair. Perfect for a date night out!


8. Twisted Pullback

If buns are your go-to and you're looking for something a little different, simply twist two sections of hair on each side and clasp them together for a subtle half-up look. This style is perfect for something quick and easy but still wanting to show your co-workers at the office you tried.

9. Added Scarf Up-Do


A scarf makes any second-day (or three or four) hair instantly pop. These hair scarves double as scrunchies, but the scarf is removable and you can use it by itself.

10. Double the Fun Twist

Let's not forget about the buns of all buns — space buns! Just split your hair down the middle and twist your hair into two loose or tight balls. These two buns are great if you're looking to keep your hair out of your face for a football game or tailgate.

11. Loose French Braid Bun

To perfect this hairstyle, spray in some dry shampoo (The It's A 10 Dry Shampoo & Conditioner or Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo works great if you're in need of a new bottle) and work your fingers through your hair to create an effortless French braid. The best part about this style is the messier, the better. You can end this up-do wherever you want and throw in a cute scrunchie for added flair!

12. Double French Twist


If you have some spare time on your hands before work, this style is great to try your hand at. Like your standard top knot, all you have to do is add a braid in before twisting it around your head. If you're feeling really adventurous, add a second braid to achieve the look above.

13. Added Clip

An easy out-the-door look is simply pulling your hair back and adding a clip. Try to keep a clip in your purse or at your desk for moments you're looking to pull your hair back with an added touch of glam. This hair clip from Madewell has great character and will elevate any look.


14. Double Braid Pullback

To snag this gorgeous look, begin braiding on either side of your hair and attach them together behind your head with a small hairband. This looks best if you pull out the braids to give them a more messy effect.

15. Voluminous Pullback


If you're looking to pump up the volume, we recommend buying the Invisibobble hair tie to help boost your pony/bun to a new level. If you still haven't achieved your desired level of volume, Big Sexy Hair created a finishing spray to achieve that level. Spray this in after adding a few curls and you'll be ready to go.

16. Edgy Pulled Back Twist

Take this edgy hairstyle from day to night. Rock those messy curls and turn this style into a low bun with some added hair wrapped around the hairband. If you're looking to take this step a little further, you can add a couple of small braids at the base.


Pro Tip: spray a little bit of hair spray and then flat iron the ends of the braids to avoid using so many hair ties. The braid will stay all night long and you won't have to worry about the tangled mess the morning after.

17. Twisted Fish Tail

If you're looking for your highlights to pop like the picture above and you just happen to be a blonde, add the It’s A 10 Miracle Brightening Blonde Shampoo into your everyday routine and you'll see a noticeable difference (and your friends will too). This style was achieved by twisting the hair and then doing a fishtail braid mid-way down. 


18. Twisted Braid

Once you've mastered the twist and the braid, throw them together to get this amazing look. You can create this look on both long and short hair and it's so easy to do and make your own. Just add two small braids before twisting your hair back. You can even add more braids and twist them in if you're looking for a little more edge.

19. Sporty Top Knots


This bun look shows two top knots tied a little more tightly than what we've seen before. Split your hair down the middle and twist together to get the ultimate bun look. Be sure to add some hair spray before heading out to make sure the buns stay in place.

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20. Ariana Grande Signature Bun


Anything Ariana Grande rocks means it will look half as good on us, right? The Sweetener bombshell looks stunning in her effortless top knot and a statement pair of earrings. We found these ones from Aldo that will do the trick.

21. Khloe Kardashian Signature Bun

The Khlo-Bun is packing on the heat! You can always count on Khloe Kardashian to bring the fire when rocking an updo. Khloe likes to achieve maximum volume by wrapping strands of hair around her hair tie to boost her hair for some natural volume.


22. Baby Hair Bun

If you have lots of lingering baby hairs like the rest of us, then embrace them. Pull back what you can and let the short hairs hang loose for a change.

23. Half French Braid Tie Back


This long blonde hair is giving us major Serena van der Woodsen vibes. The chunky French braid is perfect for fall or a long day out in the sun.

24. Short Hair Don't Care

Selena Gomez is the queen of the short hair half-bun look, but she doesn't do it on purpose. Selena is notorious for throwing her hair up mid-day and always somehow manages to master the half bun look without trying. If you have short hair, just embrace the messiness as it begins to fall out during the day rather than taking up your morning to make sure it looks perfect.


25. Lazy Twist

It is a great option for those with short hair (that won't show your layers), just twist your hair into pieces and tie it into a loose bun. Style this with straight hair (above) or add some loose waves for more dimension.

26. Vanessa Hudgens' Knot


The queen of Coachella and all things BoHo is literal perfection in her large sunglasses and perfectly fitted knot. If you're looking to achieve this look, throw in some dry shampoo or texture spray to help refresh those ends before tying it up.

27. Pixie Cut

We are living for the way this pixie cut was styled. Create small little buns one after the other to create a fauxhawk. This will definitely elevate your style and mix up your everyday look.


28. Braided Buns

The platinum blonde is really winning us over with this braided space bun look. All you have to do is loosely braid two French braids before wrapping your hair into buns to create this look. Also add a dark lip because fall is non-negotiable. 


29. Natural Bun

If you have curly hair, we know the struggle can be real. Throw your hair up into a bun and let some curls hang out for a little more dimension. This works great for second-day curled hair as well.

30. Braided Bun


If you're wearing your hair in braids and looking for a change, grab a portion of hair and twist it on top of your head. Ah, feels good to have your hair out of your face!

31. Curly Volume

Yes, please! This look has it all — teasing, large curls, and a high bun! A red carpet look indeed! If you're looking to go out with a bang we are willing to put money down that we found your new evening look.


32. Flower Braid

This one may be a bit tricky for newcomers, but you'll get there. This flower braid is perfect for brunch or afternoon tea. You're bound to turn heads with this intricate look.

33. Curled Up Bun


This look is so precise you can't see where the bun ends and the rest of the hair begins. To achieve this look you'll need a curling iron like this one to wrap small strands of curls around for the perfect barrel curl. Afterward, you're able to tie your hair up and pin it away. 

34. Baby's Breath

The subtle touch of Baby's Breath has us swooning and all of a sudden relaxed. This look was surely taken to the next level thanks to these gorgeous flowers.


35. Loose Braid

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Take your hair down a notch with a loose braid and tie it together with a scarf. The scarf will dangle perfectly with your hair and hold the braid in place all day long.


For step-by-step bun tutorials, YouTube is a wonderful place...

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