30 Best Bridesmaid Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

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Bridesmaids hairstyles

While all eyes are on the bride at a wedding, people will also be watching her bridal party, and that means that bridesmaids and the maid of honor should have a look that coordinates with the bride and each other. But wedding hair styles should also show each individual's style!

While classic up-dos are, well... a wedding classic, there are lots of variations on the up-do, as well as other timeless and elegant styles, to consider for the big day. What will your wedding hair look like? Try these options.

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1. Deep side swept beach waves


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This is a great style for anyone in the bridal party! According to Steph Angelone, lead stylist at RPZL, based in New York City. “It’s trendy, sexy, and edgy. Deep side part with loose tousled waves to one side. Pin the side with the part behind your ear to dress it up for a perfect elegant bridal party look."

2. Messy pony


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Messy ponies are fun and easy. “Use some extensions to make it more dramatic. Add some volume at the base and texturize your hair before pulling up. This is great because it’s a 'done yet undone' type of up-do. Stylish and out of your face, so you won’t have to worry about your hair all day long,” suggests Angelone.

3. Retro old Hollywood waves


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“This one of my favorite styles to do on clients,” Angelone reveals. “It’s great for a wedding party because it’s elegant and sexy, but still very classy. A deep part with curls framing your face and brushed out into beautiful waves.”

4. Modern up-do


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“I love up-dos for bridesmaids. Lately, up-dos aren’t as stiff and stuffy looking. They’re soft and also keeps the bridesmaid's hair looking fresh even after photos and the ceremony,” says Margarita Spatola, a master stylist at RPZL.

5. Up-do bun


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While it may take a little work, this is a look you'll absolutely wow in.

Advises Savannah Fincher, hairstylist and corporate educator of Blo Blow Dry Bar, “To create a beautiful and simple up-do bun, begin by placing your hair into a ponytail. The placement of the ponytail is where your bun will sit, so be mindful to place accordingly. Once you have secured your hair into an elastic band, braid the ponytail to the ends and secure with a small, clear elastic or a small elastic that matches your hair color.

You can apply a wax or pomade throughout the hair prior to braiding if you have layers or slippery hair. Grab the braid by its ends and wrap in a rotary motion around the base of your ponytail. To secure the bun, push bobby pins through the braid and into the ponytail. To finish the look, spray with hairspray or a texturizing spray.” 

6. Side-swept glam


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Adds Fincher, for this look, “curl your hair in uniform sections while allowing the curls to fall away from the face. Let the curls cool in their freshly curled ribbon state until you have finished curling all of your hair.

Once the hair is curled, spray the curls with a medium to strong hold hairspray. Brush through the curls with a wide tooth comb or a soft bristled brush; this will allow the curls to a take a uniformed shape. Tuck one side behind your ear and secure with a barrette or hair accessory.”

7. Textured up-do


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“You can create an elegant textured up-do by securing your hair into a sleek low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Use hairspray, gel, or a wax throughout your hair prior to putting it into the ponytail to tame fly-a-ways and gain control over the hair while creating a sleek effect. Use your fingers to split the hair in the ponytail in half horizontally.

Use a comb to gently back-comb your hair from the top to the bottom of the ponytail on both sections. Wrap one section clockwise, and secure with bobby pins by pushing them through the section into the ponytail around the base of the elastic band. Wrap the second section in a counter-clockwise motion, and secure with bobby pins in the same manner. Finish the look with a light hairspray,” suggests Fincher.    

8. Great Gatsby hair


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“Bridal styles are changing, and we are seeing more and more brides choosing for a more natural, wavy look vs a complicated up-do. Key reason: they want to highlight their personality in addition to limiting the heaviness/crunchiness you experience with heavy sprays that are needed to keep the complicated style in place all day,” says Cris Baadsgard, Colour Collective stylist and owner of Scene Salon.

9. Romantic up-do

“The bridesmaids’ hair should complement the bride’s hair, but still show their individual personality. Romantic up-dos continue to be the most popular style requested, namely in the warmer seasons. Up-dos are great for brides and bridesmaids as it simply lets them dance the night away without having to worry about their hair,” hair stylist Regina Whitworth of Louisville, Kentucky proposes.

10. French braid

Tight, sleeked down hairstyles for bridesmaids are dead — and for good reason!

“I love a wispy, voluminous, sexy French braid, which is feminine and glam. It has the appeal of an up-do and draws into your beautiful face, but is still super chic. I recommend pairing it with some fresh flowers to add a level of sophistication and softness to the look,” recommends Crystal Frehner, celebrity hair stylist and owner of Hottie Hair Salon and Extensions.

11. Mohawk ponytails

“Mohawk ponytails have quickly become one of our most requested bridesmaid looks. A modern spin on the up-do, this gorgeous look of romanticism pairs a teased dutch braid for heightened volume across the center part of the hair with a traditional pulled back up-do. It's a perfect way to dress up a simple dress without upstaging the bride. Adding a brooch is a great way to add a level of sophistication to the look as well,” Frehner says.

12. The half-up/half-down hairstyle


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This trend is here to stay. And it works on short hair too.

“Whenever a bridal party can’t seem to agree on the best hairstyle for everyone, this one always makes unanimity. Indeed, it gives you the best of both, up or down, options. The hair is down in waves, but the half-up part makes it less casual and more adapted for a wedding.

It also gives your hair tons of volume, reveals your face and looks great in every picture. Plus, you can include a hairpiece, a braid, a twist — there are a multiple of small details which can differentiate your hair form one another,” suggests Allison Depriestre for Modern Beauties Paris

13. Messy textured up-do


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“This one works for any hair type and hair length, even short hair,” says Depriestre. It’s a good option for bridesmaids hair because it’s quite organic, and it will look similar but different on everyone.

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14. Ponytail or long braid


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“Also a great option for its versatility, many styles are possible, from classic to boho chic, and everyone loves a good ponytail!” Depriestre adds.

15. Semi up-do


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“It seems very common for bridesmaids to want a more natural hairstyle, and not to out-do the bride. The most requested style is the classic half-up with waves. This way, they feel glam yet still feel the natural fall of their hair. This style can also be personalized with accessories, or soft wisps around the face, and that is what makes it the best choice,” offers Melissa Peverini, celebrity stylist.

16. Textured upstyles


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When it comes to wedding hair, textured upstyles reign supreme. This look gives dimension and makes the hair appear more voluminous.

“No matter the length, color, or texture of the hair, adding some braids or twists along with a few messy curls is sure to compliment any wedding day. Here, we see how multiple braids and twists were incorporated into a central location in the hair as it gathers into an up-do,” says Joy Williams, Executive Master Educator for CHI Haircare & Miss USA/Miss Teen USA Hairstylist.

17. Rope braid up-do 


A post shared by Jana Rago (@janaragohair) on Jun 27, 2017 at 8:20am PDT

The rope braid up-do is a wonderful option for women who have a tendency to play with their hair. 

"This style allows the hair to be off the face and off the shoulders so the bridesmaid isn’t fussing with her hair during the ceremony or reception,” suggests runway hair stylist Jana Rago.

18. Knot braid


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This whimsical but elegant style allows bridesmaids with longer hair to wear it off of the face without a tight uncomfortable up-do.

“This braid will give the bridesmaid’s hair texture with some volume around her face. This is a good option for bridesmaids who don’t want a formal up-do but don’t want to wear it all down,” says Rago.

19. Low sleek bun


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Everyone loves a low sleek bun with some texture so it doesn’t look cookie-cutter perfect. This is also a style for women who want to wear their hair up for the wedding but want to cover their ears, or at least the top of the ear.

Says Rago, “I see this as an all-time favorite for most bridesmaids. This style can be accomplished with or without long side bangs or 'shorter pieces' in the front.”

20. Formal pony


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This style is a great way to make a ponytail exciting.

“By adding some texture and volume, it takes this look from everyday to formal. Every girl feels comfortable with a ponytail. By hiding the elastic and polishing it off, it makes a gorgeous look on any bridesmaid,” adds Rago. 

21. Half-up with accessory


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Many bridesmaids ask for a half-up/half-down style.

“To spice this up, try adding an accessory or braid, and if you’re a bridesmaid that’s more of a minimalist, try a half-up half-down style with soft waves, hiding all pins or elastics,” Rago says.

22. Boho braids and twists


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"This super-trendy and fashionable style is easy to create, even though it looks intricate. Part hair down the middle or with your natural part. Make sure to pull the braid out for lots of volume. Add natural flowers for a color pop!" recommends Brooke Himes, wedding hair designer.

23. Textured pony


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"This look is ideal for an outdoor or warm-weather wedding. You can stay cool and worry-free knowing that the style will last even when facing heat or humidity. Plus, a casual ponytail ensures that the bridesmaids won't outshine the bride! Best yet, this look works on most hair types and lengths which is beneficial for bridesmaids who are coordinating hairstyles," says Julie Bedard, Technical Training Manager for Drybar.

24. Accent braid


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Wearing your hair down with loose curls is a perfect complement to a casual dress or a more laid-back wedding. Pro tip: Put the braid on the side of the head that faces the guests during the ceremony!

Adds Bedard, "One way to add just a little more to this style is finishing it off with a simple accent braid. This look can definitely be a DIY style for bridesmaids on a budget or if a hairstylist won't be on site the day of."

25. Soft, flowy hair


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“Flowy hair is one of the best wedding hair styles. It’s a soft, natural look that will compliment clean dress necklines and subtly enhance the bride’s hairstyle!," says celebrity hairstylist, Chaz Dean.

26. Tousled up-do


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“For a more intricate dress, a tousled up-do is the perfect style to sport. A textured, effortless style is classic and beautiful for all bridesmaids wearing a dress with a detailed neckline/back design," Dean suggests.

27. Messy chignon


A post shared by Keka Bridal Glam (@kekabridalglam) on Jan 21, 2018 at 5:41am PST

"This is the perfect look for any bridesmaid, no matter of texture, color or thickness of hair. A skilled artist can even create the look with short hair. This look is formal, stylish and elegant," says Keka Heron, Bridal Glam Expert and owner of WeddGlam.

28. All out with some flair


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"Whether you do tradition curls, wand curls, or a great blowout, this style is classic and versatile for any bridesmaid," Heron adds.

29. Strive for consistency


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Suggests celebrity loctician and hairstylist, Karen Wallington, "The bridal party should always compliment the bride but never overshadow. Consistency amongst the overall look is key. If some hair is too short to put up, consider everyone to have the same wavy texture, or same glittery hair pins. Something that ties it all together.”

30. Go for continuity


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Bridesmaids' hairstyles should be timeless and easy.

“An automatic knee-jerk reaction for most brides is to have their entire bridal party put their hair up. The mindset should go from 'does everything match' to 'does everything go together.' The takeaway being continuity, not having everyone identical,” says Marcos Diaz, a session stylist.

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