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Are Grayson Dolan And James Charles Dating? Details About The Rumors Plaguing The YouTubers

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Are Grayson Dolan And James Charles Dating? YouTube Conspiracy Theory Dolan Twins

YouTuber Grayson Dolan spilled the tea on his rumored relationship with James Charles in a recent YouTube video.

Grayson, 18, and James, 19, are part of a YouTuber foursome of besties called the Sister Squad along with Grayson's twin, Ethan Dolan, and Emma Chamberlain, and each one loves to troll their fans. As usual, the pals' close friendships have prompted fans to create tons of rumors, both rational and irrational. The one that has gained the most friction lately is that Grayson and CoverGirl's first male spokesperson are more than friends.

Fans have also speculated that Ethan and Emma are a couple, but a relationship between Grayson and James is more popular as of late. The two are very close friends and spend a lot of time together, which has sparked rumors they are actually dating as opposed to just being YouTuber BFFs

The rumor was finally put to rest when the Dolan twins, who began their rise as Internet personalities on Vine, hooked each other up to a polygraph test and asked one another a series of personal questions provided by fans. 

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The almost 25-minute long video starts out with Grayson and Dolan telling viewers how nervous they are to let a machine determine if they are telling the truth. Grayson took the test first. 

The questions started off simple and became more personal as the camera rolls. Finally, Ethan brought up a tweet from James.


"Will you marry me?" James had tweeted at Grayson.

"No," the twin answered. 

But the professional who was overseeing the polygraph test said he was "having a problem with that one."

Grayson quickly defended himself, adding that James is rich as he laughed.

"Alright, we don't need to make that rumor any bigger," Ethan said. "Should we just say that Grayson and James are obviously not [expletive] dating? Should we just say it?"

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"Right? It's pretty apparent," Grayson replied.

But the friends are known for their humor and have been trolling fans on Twitter following the video.

James tweeted "I do," and tagged Grayson. 

The YouTuber followed the vow with "Do I really have to sign the prenup?"

Despite the rumors being stomped on by the polygraph test, people are still convinced Grayson and James are going to get married. James even confirmed he is single when he tweeted "it's so rude that I don't have a boyfriend honestly."

There you have it. Fans will be fans.

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