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Are Kenzie Ziegler And Ashton Arbab Dating? New Details About Their Rumored Relationship

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Are Kenzie Ziegler And Ashton Arbab Dating? New Details About Their Rumored Relationship

True fans of Dance Moms enjoy keeping up with the stars’ lives after the show, and 14-year-old Mackenzie Ziegler has not disappointed yet.

While Kenzie’s older sister, Maddie, reached international stardom as a prodigy under musician Sia’s wing, Kenzie has taken a different, and more versatile, approach. Beyond dancing, she is multitalented.

She had a brief stint on Dancing With The Stars Juniors to carry on her original aptitude, but has also released music under the pseudonym ‘MackZ’ and has starred in several small acting roles. Most recently, fans recognized her playing a substantial role in the YouTube series, Total Eclipse. According to a Good Housekeeping feature, she is also a producer on the show.

Talk about a Renaissance girl!

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Speaking of YouTube, Kenzie has it figured out. She has garnered nearly 3 million subscribers for her channel of music videos, challenge videos, vlogs and more. She has also exploded on Instagram, with a staggering 11.4 million followers.

Clearly, Kenzie is no stranger to the public eye. Unfortunately, the life of an Instagram influencer tends to turn into a macrocosm of high school gossip and intrigue. So everyone wants to know, who is Kenzie Ziegler dating? 

The latest rumor is that Kenzie has a new boyfriend as speculated by fans who noticed leaked pics of her and another familiar Instagram influencer, including one of them kissing (you can’t see either of their faces, but it’s very likely and fans are certain).

Kenzie’s most recent fling with Johnny Orlando (fondly referred to by superfans as ‘Jenzie’) was never official, but fans held on tightly to the idea of their love affair.

Orlando is a fellow YouTuber and musician, and the two released several songs together including “What If” and “I Like Me Better.” J-14 reported that the two appeared in each other’s solo music videos and shared a slew of photos together on their respective social media accounts. Rumors also circulated of a relationship between Kenzie and one of Johnny’s YouTuber friends, Hayden Summerall, though neither relationship seemed to be officially confirmed.

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That was in the past, though, and present news is even more promising for Kenzie relationship-wise. Her new rumored boyfriend is none other than Ashton Arbab, an Instagrammer boasting over 70 thousand followers.

While most of his photos on the app are modeling shots of himself, Kenzie has appeared in two of the last eight. One appears to be a group shot of friends at a diner, and the other is a photo strip of both Instagram stars with a friend.


Other telling evidence is not only the aforementioned but unconfirmed kissing picture but also a piece of absolutely solid evidence: a video of Ziegler and Arbab kissing! While it doesn’t seem that Kenzie has shared any pics of the two on her personal Instagram (yet) we’re on the edge of our seats anticipating one.

The video alone is telling, but a definitive social media confirmation would be more than we’ve seen from Kenzie’s prior relationships. After the video was leaked, she made a video commentary (with no confirmation or denial of a relationship) detailing her desire for privacy in her life, something that she hasn't been afforded after a childhood on television.

Furthermore, Kenzie’s prior fling has noticed her new prospect (and some say he has reacted, too). According to a verified YouTube channel titled “DanceMomsNews,” Arbab recently live-streamed on Instagram and began to sing Johnny Orlando’s part in “What If,” to which one viewer responded, “you sing it better than Johnny.”

Many fans criticized his attempt at impersonating Orlando, to which Orlando himself responded “you guys always have my back ahahaha love you” on his own Instagram story. Interestingly, the tell-all video also points out that Aston starred as an extra in Kenzie and Johnny’s video for “What If.”

Time will tell if Kenzie and Ashton make it more official than a leaked kissing video or if the rumors will eventually fizzle out to no further evidence. The relationship is looking pretty promising, though, with Arbab giving subtle clues to fans during his frequent Instagram live streams.

One thing is for sure; Kenzie is a true catch for any boy and her fans will have her back no matter the outcome.

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