Scary New Details About The Pregnant Woman Who Hasn't Been Seen In Three Weeks — And Why Police Now Suspect Foul Play

She was seen leaving her apartment in her work clothes on a day she called in sick.

What Happened To Kierra Coles? Details Chicago Pregnant Woman Postal Worker Missing Three Weeks Chicago Police Department

Foul play is now suspected in the disappearance of a Chicago woman who is three months pregnant.

Kierra Coles, 27, was last seen on Oct. 2 in her South Side apartment in Chatham, CBS reports. She had moved there recently.

“Based on the length of time of Kierra Coles disappearance and the fact that she has fallen off the grid, police suspect possible foul play,” the police department said in a statement. “We continue to get leads and are following up diligently on those leads.”


"I'm too scared to feel anything," her mother Karen Phillips told NBC Chicago. "I don't want to fear the worst."

The soon-to-be mother, who is usually very active on social media, has been silent on apps like Snapchat and Instagram since her disappearance.

According to ABC7, Coles called in sick to work but surveillance footage shows her leaving her home dressed in her U.S. Postal Service uniform on the day she disappeared. WGN-TV reports that a neighbor's security camera shows Coles, who is three months pregnant, walking out the door of her apartment, past her car, and across the street, before she is out of view. 


Her mother's boyfriend, Dan Perkins, told the news outlet that Coles must have seen something that caused her to cross the street. There have been rumors that Perkins was involved in her disappearance, but Phillips said she doesn't believe he had anything to do with it. 

"We’re not singling anybody out," she said. "We know he is going to be a suspect, but as far as people putting his mother, his kids — all that stuff up there — that’s just not right." 

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Coles' car was still parked on the street near her apartment and authorities found her cell phone and purse in her residence. 


"Maybe something did happen where she was overcome with a lot, you know when you are pregnant you are emotional," Phillips told ABC7. "I want to say she just went somewhere and didn't want to tell nobody and then she will just come home but I don't feel that."​

Her mother said she usually speaks with Coles every day and became concerned when she hadn't heard from her daughter in days and reported her missing.

"We talk all the time. If we miss one day, it's just one day," Phillips told WLS. "Never, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine days. Never."


Coles' father, Joseph Coles, said she was very excited about her pregnancy and pleaded for anyone who may know something to come forward.

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"If anybody knows anything, please call in, let us know. We love her we miss her," he said.

Cole's sister, Kimberly Phillips, friends, and postal service workers have been passing out flyers in an effort to locate Coles. Mack Julion, President of the National Association of Letter Carriers' Chicago chapter, said: "We're not going to rest until we find her."

The National Association of Letter Carriers is offering a $3,500 reward for information that leads to Coles' whereabouts and the US Postal Inspection Service, the law enforcement arm of the US Postal Service, offered a $25,000 reward for any information that helps find the missing woman.


Chicago police are calling the case a non-suspicious missing person case. Authorities have not interviewed Coles' boyfriend, the father of her unborn child.

Coles is 5 feet, 4 inches tall, 125 pounds and has a tattoo of a heart on her right hand and a tattoo that reads "Lucky Libra" on her back. 

Anyone with information about her disappearance or whereabouts is urged to call 312-747-8274 or dial 911.

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