These 5 Yoga Poses Will Fix The Damage Your Desk Job Is Doing To You

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These 5 Yoga Poses Will Fix The Damage From Your Desk Job

Most of us have jobs that involve us sitting at a desk all day. When we're busy, we sit (and usually slouch) for up to six hours each day, which not only takes a toll on our physical health, but our mental health as well.

So after a long day at work, it's important to put your work on the backburner and focus on your health. Don't have time to go to the gym? Check out these five yoga poses that will help repair the damage from your desk job.

1. Forward fold

The forward fold is excellent because it helps stretch the back as well as the legs. It's the first exercise because it is the ultimate relaxation pose.


2. Downward-facing dog

Downward-facing dog is one of my favorite poses. It helps relax the back all while strengthening your back's muscles.


3. Cobra pose

If I've been sitting around way too hunched, cobra pose sets me right. It relieves lower back pain all while stretching and strengthening your core muscles.


4. Bow pose

If you've been sitting all day and your neck is bugging you, give bow pose a try. It relaxes neck muscles and improves your posture. This may be a difficult pose for a novice.


5. Sphinx pose

I like to do this pose last because it's so relaxing. You can sit in it and focus on your breathing for a few minutes. It helps lengthen the spine and reduce lower back pain.


This article was originally published at Higher Perspective. Reprinted with permission from the author.