Who Is Meital Dohan? New Details About Al Pacino's Girlfriend Who's Half His Age

Their relationship is a bit scandalous.

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With a career spanning over 50 years, it’s hard to imagine some people don’t know who Al Pacino is — have you ever even heard of Scarface or The Godfather?

Pacino has been in so many classic and cult film movies, it’s no wonder he’s received so many nominations and wins. He’s been nominated for an Oscar eight times and won once, 17 Golden Globe nominations and won four, has two Emmy Awards, and two Tony Awards! Now that's what we call Hollywood royalty.


Though Pacino has never been married, he’s been linked to a variety of women over the years, including Diane Keaton (his co-star in The Godfather), Jill Clayburgh, Kathleen Quinlan, and Lyndall Hobbs. He was in a relationship with actress Beverly D’Angelo, with whom he has twins, and has a daughter with acting coach Jan Tarrant.

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And though those women are closer in age to him, Pacino has been quietly dating a much younger woman named Meital Dohan. So, who is Meital Dohan and what do we know about her life? Here are 7 things to know about Al Pacino’s girlfriend.


1. She’s Israeli.

Dohan was born and raised in a small village outside of Ra'anana, which is in central Israel.

2. She’s an actress.



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She’s most noted for her role in Weeds as Yael Hoffman, as well as Aurora in the comedy Woke Up Dead. She’s appeared in Foreclosure, Monogamy, and was part of the production team for the Israeli versions of Dancing with the Stars and Ugly Betty.

3. In fact, she went to school to study theater.

That’s right! She began to study acting when she was just 13 years old and attended the Nissan Nativ acting school, receiving scholarships. She wrote, acted, and directed while in school and also worked on television productions and feature films. Upon graduating, she joined two major theaters.


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4. She’s also a singer.

In 2012, she began recording her album with Che Pope, called “I'm In Hate With Love.” She released her single “Yummy,” which caught international attention, and many media outlets began calling her “the next triple threat.” The song has been played on the radio all around the world, and was trending #1 at Reverb Nation.

Her second single, “On Ya,” featured Sean Kingston and was an immediate hit! And her third single, “Give Us Back Love,” went #1 on iTunes Dance Chart in Italy and #3 on Kings of Spins.


When asked about how she got into music, she said, “The whole epiphany about pursuing and focusing on music happened in a very funny way. While doing Dancing with the Stars in Israel, I had a spiritual guide who told me to go back to L.A. and start with my music career. My whole life I was always a writer and a creator I’m an artist changing from role to role. That’s how I see myself.”

5. She’s appeared on stage.



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Some of her roles include Juliet in “Romeo and Juliet,” the Bride in “Blood Wedding,” Layla in “God’s Sandbox,” and Efrat in “Giraffes,” two of which earned her an Israeli Oscar nomination.

She also appeared in both the Off-Broadway and LA productions of “Stitching,” of which The New York Times said, “With an actress as extremely gorgeous as Meital Dohan and a script that requires her to thrash around in ways most often seen in straight-to-video steamers, you would think that ‘Stitching’ would be heating up the Wild Project theater to the boiling point.”


6. She’s an author as well.

She released her first book, Love & Other Bad Habits, in 2011, which explores feminine identity, juxtaposing visual text with narrative pictures, “exposing the side effects of love and moments not spoken.”

7. She’s half Pacino’s age.



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Though we should be used to older men dating younger women by now, Dohan is 39, while Pacino is 78! She’s literally half his age! The couple was first spotted at dinner together in LA and have been seen together many times since.

According to an insider for Page Six, “They’ve been quietly seeing each other for a few months and they seem very happy. They initially kept things very private, but now they are not making a secret of their relationship.”


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