New Details About Why LaurDIY And Alex Wassabi Broke Up (And Whether Or Not They're Both Quitting YouTube)

They announced their breakup on YouTube.

What The LaurDIY And Alex Wassabi Breakup Video Reveals About Why The YouTube Couple Broke Up youtube

Another YouTube couple has broken up. In LaurDIY and Alex Wassabi’s breakup video posted to LaurDIY’s YouTube page, the vloggers revealed that “Laurex,” as fans called them, is over.

Why did LaurDIY and Alex Wassabi break up after almost three years together?

In a teary-eyed (yet still playful and upbeat) video, LaurDIY and Wassabi got into the details of their relationship and why they decided to take a break.


“We felt that, because you guys are such a part of our life that we should address all of the questions,” LaurDIY (real name Lauren Riihimaki), explained in an attempt to dispel social media rumors.

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"Basically, we just feel like we both need specific things and we're not fully on the same page and we need to take time apart. So for us to come back better and stronger, we have to take time and focus on ourselves," Riihimaki said.

Despite the breakup, both Riihimaki and Wassabi seemed optimistic about their future, whether that be one in which they’re together or not. Wassabi even considered the idea that the couple might one day get back together, saying Laurex wasn’t “dead” but simply “taking a nap.”


“We have to take time and focus on ourselves,” Riihimaki said. “If you’re not the best version of yourself, you can’t be that for someone else.”

So what does this mean for LaurDIY and Alex Wassabi’s YouTube channels, which sometimes featured each other?

While neither of them are quitting YouTube, both said they need to take some time away from their channels to put themselves back together.

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"We're both going to take a short break from YouTube, which I've never done in my life," Riihimaki explained, revealing that neither of them will remove any posts of the two of them together. "We both need time to be with family and reflect."


LaurDIY and Wassabi aren’t the first YouTube couple to announce their breakup in a video. In fact, it’s become somewhat of a YouTube trend. In June 2018, Liza Koshy and David Dobrik uploaded a similar breakup video, as did FaZe Censor in July 2018 (though his video did not include his ex-girlfriend Yanet Garcia).

Despite relationships and especially breakups being such a personal thing, when it comes to YouTubers, "millions of people have shared an intimate glance at the couple for quite some time," Cyber Dating Expert founder Julie Spira told Mashable in June 2018. "Since so many millions of followers watched the relationship blossom, it's natural to announce their breakup on this platform.”


We wish the best for LaurDIY and Wassabi and their futures, which they want fans to remain optimistic about. "We wouldn't be breaking up if we didn't think there was a better future ahead," Riihimaki assured in the video. "There's no hard feelings. There's no resentment, no anger."

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