Did Selena Gomez Get A Boob Job?

The girls are out and proud.

 Did Selena Gomez get a boob job? Instagram

Did Selena Gomez get a boob job? Selena Gomez is making the rounds at New York Fashion Week and she's got tongues wagging. On September 9th, she posted a shot of herself holding a cocktail and looking decidedly more ... perky. Her boobs definitely appeared larger, rounder, and firmer in the black strapless top she was wearing. In the past, Selena has always appeared to be more petite and flat chested. In the September 9th snap, she is looking very busty. Did Selena Gomez have a boob job or is this the work of a serious push-up bra? (And if so, we're going to need the brand and style of that bra ASAP!)


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1. The reaction of her fans

Selena's loyal fans reacted to her new assets in the comments section below the photo. One fan said, "I don't understand why she got work done. She is so beautiful." Another commenter said, "Someone got some new boobs!" Yet another was a bit more skeptical "You do realize that the dress is tight and pushing her boobs so they look bigger."


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2. A photo from a year ago

Compare the pic of Selena in that strapless black top to this one from a year ago. Sure, a push-up bra can work wonders, but it cannot create boobs if there isn't enough flesh to push up. The two photos show a dramatically different look. Her chest is much higher, larger, and incredibly symmetrical — something non-enhanced breasts rarely are. 



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3. On the other hand...

Check out this photo from June. There is clearly some cleavage there, leading us to think Selena's recent curvy new photo could be the work of some superior undergarments. What do you think? Did she get a boob job or does she own a magical push-up bra?

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4. She's rocking it

Whether Selena had a boob job or didn't, one thing is clear: she is comfortable in her own skin and that's all that's important. 



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5. This isn't the first time

This isn't the first time rumors of a breast augmentation have been swirling around Selena. Last year, tabloids claimed the singer got her boobs done for Justin Bieber. In 2014, Radar Online claimed that Selena had had a recent boob job. 



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6. Her clap back at Stefano Gabbana

In June, 55-year-old Italian fashion designer Stefano Gabbana of Dolce & Gabbana, left a comment under a photo collage of Selena's red carpet looks posted on The Catwalk Italia. The comment said “è proprio brutta," which roughly translates to “she’s so ugly. While out with friends in New York City on Tuesday night, Selena sassed Gabbana by wearing a sparkly hair clip that spelled out the word ugly. 

7. Speaking of Justin...

Selena isn't sweating her on/off ex Justin Bieber's engagement to Hailey Baldwin at all. In the October issue of Elle, Gomez said that she is "going back to simplicity." She moved from Los Angeles to the suburbs and majorly downsized everything in her life. She's been interning at the nonprofit A21, an anti-human trafficking organization. She is also keeping her circle of friends small and hanging out with a close group of girlfriends.



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