Who Is Tana Mongeau? New Details About The Woman Mac Miller Was Dating Before He Died

She is a 20-year-old YouTuber.

Who Is Tana Mongeau? Instagram

Who is Tana Mongeau?  Rapper Mac Miller died tragically of a drug overdose in Studio City, California on September 7th. In the days following his death, a new twist has emerged. Popular YouTuber Tana Mongeau seems to have hinted at the fact that she had been dating Mac before he died. The internet flew into action slamming her for trying to get attention by capitalizing on Mac's death. It got brutal. But the real question here is did Tana have a secret relationship with Mac Miller before his death? Let's take a look at all the facts we know about her so far. 


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1. Her Twitter post

Tana first caught flak for her Twitter post. "There's no way, I spoke to him last night,  there's no f--king way," she wrote. "He was so strong and so funny and so f--king talented ... the little things he would do to make me smile ... that voice... will echo in my head forever." 



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2. The private text message

Tana then took to her Insta account to post a screenshot of a private text conversation she allegedly had with Mac. In the screenshot, Mac appears to tell her that she was incredible and deserved the world. She originally captioned the photo (it has since been edited): "A week ago... Malcolm James I loved you. I got the privilege of loving you for years, and then getting to know you and finding out you were even better than I dreamed. You made me feel something, you were sweet to me every second, you had this love for life and what you do that made me fall for you 10x harder... to feel like I was unraveling every part of your soul but have no idea the half of what you were going through."


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3. A Las Vegas native

Tana Mongeau was born in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1998. She is a YouTuber. In February 2017, she revealed on her Snapchat that she was being investigated by the FBI after someone hacked into her emails and “sent a bombing and shooting threat to McCarran International Airport.” She dropped out of high school at 16 and got her diploma through online classes. She worked as a manager at a Pac Sun story and started making YouTube videos. She quickly gained fame and viewers by posting stories about her life and experiences. She currently has more than 3.7 million subscribers. 



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4. The Bella Thorne connection

Tana Mongeau has been rumored to be dating actress Bella Thorne as well. Pics of the two kissing are all over the internet. 

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5. She wanted to go to his house

Tana then said that she wanted to go to his house on the night he died and said that her soul was shattered by his death. "What I would do for you to tuck my hair behind my ear and kiss me one last time. I love you Malcolm. I love you."



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6. She didn't go to his house

Tana didn't go to Mac's house. Instead she went to the PornHub awards, where she was spotted making out with Trippie Redd. Tana was up for the Celebrity of the Year Award. She lost. 



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7. The internet is tearing her apart

The internet was furious at Tana for insinuating that she and Mac had a relationship and taking to social media to draw attention to herself for it. One angry Twitter user said, "Did Tana really just try to announce her and Mac had some sort of fling...in the midst of his passing...what the f--k?" Another said, "I’m terribly sorry for the loss of Mac, but I’m so sick of influencers doing anything for clout. She should have more respect." Yet another said, “Don’t even think about making a YouTube video about this to get more clout. Stop tweeting for attention. If you really were upset you’d be silent. Grieving in your own time. Not on social media.”

8. Her apology

Tana apologized for her posts about Mac in a series of tweets this morning. The apology is lengthy and can be found here, but it starts out, "I just want to apologize to ANYONE that was upset by my post or took it the wrong way. bottom line. i loved malcolm so much & never would want any one to think my intentions were anything but true. he was truly the only thing bringing me happiness in such a depressed part of life."


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