Who Is David Henrie's Wife? New Details About Maria Cahill — Plus Their Pregnancy

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who is David Henrie's wife

Anyone who grew up on the Disney Channel knows exactly who David Henrie is. Not only did he play Justin on Wizards of Waverly Place, but he’s also most notable for his role as Ted Mosby’s future son on How I Met Your Mother. He’s also appeared as a guest star in multiple television shows.

Just recently, it was announced that he and his wife were expecting their first child! But who is David Henrie’s wife, and what is their life like together? Here are 7 things to know about Maria Cahill, their relationship, and how they’re preparing for their first baby. 

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1. She’s the former Miss Delaware.

Isn’t it every guy’s dream to marry a beauty queen? Henrie got his wish! When the two first met, she was actually a teacher in Delaware, in addition to holding the crown.

2. They first met at an event.


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And he was immediately smitten with her! They were both speakers at the event, and Henrie took to her right away. In an interview with Blog De Los Angeles, he recalled how their relationship developed:

“She was so very well-spoken, so articulate and so beautiful! I got really nervous and when I’m nervous, I can be very awkward... I didn’t know how to make the right move and go talk to her, then I noticed she was feeling cold and that gave me an opportunity to give her my sweater, that was like my ‘in.’... Later... I texted her right away and we started the funniest conversation EVER, back and forth and I thought, wow, she is clever, she is really funny, very witty, she has a sense of humor and most important, she gets mine too! We liked the same things, the same movies... I noticed we had a lot in common right off.”

And the rest, they say, is history!

3. They have the same morals.

One of the most important things to look for in a potential mate is how well your ethics line up. And it looks like Henrie hit the jackpot with Cahill.

“We have the same foundations, share the same beliefs, same morals; we both come from good, big families that taught us about unconditional love, about always loving each other. Maria comes from a family of seven brothers and sisters, as well as my Mom... Also, they taught us the importance of family; that family always comes first,” he said.

4. His proposal story is unbelievable.


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Every girl dreams of their boyfriend getting down on one knee and proposing, and Henrie made sure his proposal was magical. “Here were the hurdles I had to face: it involved a private helicopter, going off to an island, bringing her to a very special church. It also involved getting her whole family from Delaware flown out, and most important: it all needed to be a complete surprise,” Henrie admitted about his plans.

How did he do it? Henrie went into great detail in his interview with Blog De Los Angeles. Since Maria had school on the day he wanted to propose, he hired a substitute teacher and paid her twice as much! Next, he had to book a helicopter to fly to Catalina, and finally convinced Cahill to take off of work (even though she had no idea about the substitute at the time).

The next step was to have his friends give him the signal that he was clear to propose outside the chapel. Cahill was buying things in a gift shop, but Henrie made her drop everything and ran with her to the chapel:

“She had given me the previous year a very nice gift for my birthday. It was a picture in an envelope. In the envelope, she wrote a note on the outside that read, ‘Your 26th birthday could be the best day of your life, but this was mine.’ And inside the envelope was the drawing of her and I when we finally met in New York for the first time. So I used the same envelope and put a big arrow in the back and wrote: ‘You told me what the best day of your life was, now let me tell you about mine.’ She opened the envelope and my note was written at the back of the picture, my proposal letter. It described all the beautiful things about our relationship that led us ‘to the happiest day of my life, October 7th of 2016, the day I get to propose to you.’”

So sweet! He even flew in all of her family, including her mom and dad, and seven brothers and sisters:

“She is dying to tell her family and nobody answered their phones! Of course, I advised them previously not to! So she keeps calling her parents, all her many brothers and sisters, she keeps going up the ladder of people to call, and nobody answers... Sure enough, we walk to where we are going, we get into this room and my parents were there. She thought that was the last surprise for the day. Then I go, ‘well, I have one last surprise for you.’ I opened up the door, and her mom and dad came out. She starts crying again and then I say, ‘oops, I think I have one more surprise.’ I open the door again and all her brothers and sisters showed up. It was unbelievable.”

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5. They married in 2017.


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They were married on April 21, 2017 at St. Peter and Paul's Church in Wilmington, California. Celebrities like Kevin James and former co-star Selena Gomez attended. They shared their first dance to Michael Bublé‘s “Hold On.”

According to a guest, “The ceremony was a full Latin mass and lasted almost two hours. The color theme was lavender and her bouquet had lavender roses, while the bridesmaids wore lavender dresses. At the end of the ceremony, the newlyweds walked out of the church and guests threw white rose petals on them in celebration.”

Of course, Henrie was quick to gush about his new wife and their wedding, saying, “I knew Maria was special from the moment I saw her. Now, almost three years later, it's almost surreal that we're finally getting married. We're so blessed to be surrounded by our family and friends to celebrate this special day and I can't wait to start this next adventure with my best friend and soulmate.”

6. They’re expecting their first child.

He posted a video of their gender reveal party on Instagram, which revealed that they are having a girl! In some behind the scenes photos Henrie posted, the decorations looked amazing and the happy couple is ecstatic to expand their family.

7. They are deeply in love.


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When they first began dating, she lived in Delaware and Henrie lived in California.

“She lived in Delaware, I lived in California, so the distance was kind of hard; that was the only thing bothering me in the back of my mind. Maria is a teacher, she was then teaching in Delaware. We didn’t know anything about it, but a friend of mine I had taken her resume to a school in California. One day, out of the blue, she gets a call and basically it says, ‘Hey! We want to hire you. Would you like to teach in California?’ That was a big sign to me that it was totally providential.

I thought then, wow, this is really good, this is really working, this was meant to be. When she finally moved out here and I could finally spend everyday with her, each time I saw her, my heart was like, yes, right on, yes, right on. What can I say! Every time I see her, I’m taken aback. And she knows, because every time I see her I give her such a hug, like I haven’t seen her in a year!”

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