Is Meghan Markle Pregnant? New Rumors She's Expecting A Baby With Prince Harry

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She's 36. That clock is ticking. Or is it?

Is Meghan Markle pregnant? Meghan Markle is set to marry Prince Harry on Saturday, but the gossip train has already left the station. Let's face it, as an actress, Marke is used to a bit of this. However, being a royal is like taking the Hollywood rumor mill and putting it on steroids. Coverage of her every move is non-stop and will continue to be ... for the rest of her life. The latest nugget making the rounds is a true bombshell if true. Could Meghan Markle be walking down the aisle already pregnant? Let's take a look at the signs. 

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1. Her biological clock is ticking ... or is it?

Friends of Markle's say that at 36, her biological clock is on overdrive and she and Harry have been off contraception and trying to conceive for a few months already. 

2. She's been nauseous.

What bride wouldn't be nervous before her wedding, let alone one marrying a prince? Sources claim Meghan has been nauseous lately. Which brings us to...

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3. She's been dealing with family drama.

Sure, nausea is a sign of early pregnancy. It can also be stress. Between the will he-or-won't-he walk her down the aisle and staged paparazzi photos drama with her father to her half-sister Samantha mouthing off (for money!) to any media outlet that will listen, Meghan has certainly had her hands full and no one could blame her for being sick to her stomach over it. Fortunately, her mama seems to be a classy, stabilizing influence in her life and she's now in London for the Royal Wedding. 

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4. Her skin is glowing.

A source told In Touch magazine Markle's skin is glowing and that friends have seen Harry affectionately rubbing or touching her belly. 

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5. Harry is a known rule-breaker.

Sure, walking down the aisle pregnant to marry a Prince would be an enormous break with tradition, but Harry has frequently shown that he's going to do things his own way. 

6. Meghan's had additional dress fittings.

Allegedly, Markle has had additional secret dress fittings at the last minute to make sure everything fits right. Hmmm. This seems like standard big deal wedding day thing to us, but could it be more? 

7. There's pressure to carry on the Royal bloodline.

Regardless of whether Meghan is or is not pregnant right now, she for sure feels  pressure to carry on the royal bloodline. The Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance movie on Lifetime TV had a scene in which she told Harry that if they wanted to have babies, they needed to start right away due to her age. And sure, that could have been completely fiction but it really doesn't seem that out there. 

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8. They've postponed their honeymoon.

Meghan and Harry have postponed their honeymoon. Originally they had planned to leave right after the wedding. However, concern over traveling to locations with malaria-inducing bugs — which can be dangerous for pregnancies — is a concern. The couple also has an engagement the week following their wedding that cannot be moved. 

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9. Whether she is or isn't, the wedding must go on.

Obviously, Meghan and Harry will walk down the aisle Saturday. Whether she's pregnant now (or will be in the near future), all that matters now is the wedding at Windsor Castle, the 600 guests, lunchtime reception, and evening reception. We'll certainly be watching.

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