Is Jim Cantore Married? 4 Details About His Ex-Wife (And Who He's Dating Today)

It's pretty clear that weather is Jim Cantore's first love.

Is Jim Cantore Married? 4 Details About His Ex-Wife Tamra Cantore And Girlfriend Andrea Butera getty

We’re currently in the midst of Hurricane Season, which means you’ve probably already seen America’s favorite weatherman Jim Cantore on your TV screen.

As the endless Jim Cantore memes show, wherever he is is exactly where you don’t want to be. The stormchaser is known to position himself wherever a storm is expected to be at its worst.

Whether it’s a hurricane, snowstorm, or tornado, Cantore’s seen it all.


In 2016, Cantore celebrated 30 years at The Weather Channel, a job he secured straight out of college. However, he didn’t start out in the field. In fact, his household name recognition may have a lot to do with the woman who eventually became his wife, Tamra Zinn.

To be fair, Cantore’s first love will likely always be the weather, which he’s had a deep respect for since he was in high school. Cantore told AJC it was his father who suggested he make weather his career. “I remember in high school, he said, 'Why don't you go study the weather? You leave the barn light on to catch the first flakes of winter. You stay up all night shoveling the driveway.' He saw the freak in me,” Cantore explained.


But is Jim Cantore married now? No! So does that mean I have a chance? Sadly also no.

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Here are all the details on what’s going on behind the scenes in Cantore’s life.

1. Jim Cantore married Tamra in 1990

Jim and Tamra both worked at The Weather Channel, with Jim as a weatherman and Tamra in management as the Director of Operations. According to Live Ramp Up, Tamra was in charge of PR for Cantore, and helped make him the household name he is today. The two married in 1990, but eventually got divorced in 2006.

2. Cantore’s ex-wife has Parkinson's

When Tamra was 40 years old, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. According to her website, the disease worsened after just a few years of her diagnosis, eventually forcing her to leave The Weather Channel. In 2000, she founded Team Cantore with the hope of increasing awareness of the disease as well as funding for research.


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3. Jim Cantore has two children with Tamra

While married, Jim and Tamra had two children together, Christina and Ben. Cantore frequently posts photos of him spending time with his children on social media.

Cantore has revealed that both of his children have Fragile X syndrome, “a genetic condition that causes intellectual disability, behavioral and learning challenges and various physical characteristics.”


"At first I was pissed," Cantore told Popular Mechanics about the diagnoses. "Once I accepted that some things are going to be easy and some aren't, it got better." He’s currently an honorary board member of a Fragile X syndrome research foundation.

4. Cantore is dating Andrea Butera

When Cantore isn’t chasing bad weather or spending time with his kids, it appears he’s been dating CNN journalist and self-proclaimed weather nerd Andrea Butera for a few years now. The two have kept their relationship fairly private, only sharing photos of each other on social media every once in a while.

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