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7 Must-Know Facts About Jim Cantore – America's HOTTEST Weather Man

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Jim Cantore Weather Channel

Jim Cantore is a total BABE (old news, I know). I don’t even live in the same city — let alone the same state — as him, but I would livestream his weather forecasts every day if I could.

I also have NO clue what "thundersnow" is, but if I could pay to hear him say it again and again in a seductive voice to me, I'd believe anything he wants me to.

USA Today

Born in 1964, Jim Cantore is a native of Beacon Falls, Connecticut, but grew up in Vermont. At Lyndon State College, he studied meteorology, which helped him land an internship and eventually, his first job with The Weather Channel. So, if it feels like he’s been on The Weather Channel forever, he kind of has.

Normally based in Atlanta doing the local weather forecasting, Cantore is no stranger to forecasting the weather in other cities across the United States. Everyone knows that when Jim Cantore is in your city, the sh*t is about to hit the fan. There might be memes out there poking fun of Cantore when he’s in his signature windbreaker or has ice in his beard, but the weather he predicts is NO joke.

His love affair with the craziest of weather phenomena, along with his ability to break down even the most confusing weather charts so anyone can understand, is what helped Cantore rise to fame and become the ballsy, bad ass meteorologist everyone has come to know (and love).

But good looks and bravery in the face of 10 feet of snow only begins to scratch the surface of Jim Cantore. Being presented with the NOAA-David S. Johnson Award also means he’s incredibly smart. But this award isn’t just about praising well-known meteorologists. It’s about giving those who have brought innovation and education the recognition they deserve.

The NOAA Award acknowledged that he was making an effort to explain how certain conditions can affect the type of weather people experience. So, instead of just putting up time-lapse images of what the next 12 hours are going to look like in your area, he makes it easy to understand the why and the how of the forecast. Pretty cool, right?

Sports Illustrated

It's no surprise that he’s considered America’s Weatherman.

And I definitely know that I’m not the only one who goes gaga over this enthusiasm because let’s face it, the news isn’t always upbeat. So, to see someone get on TV and totally rock his job while  getting pelted by hail and sleet is refreshing. 

So, in honor of America's Weatherman (and just so we can all fangirl over him a TEENY bit more), here are 5 things about Jim Cantore that you probably didn't know:

1. He takes his job VERY seriously


Jim Cantore has to know he’s sexy, right? At least, I’m assuming he knows he’s caught the attention of quite a few people over the years — but that doesn’t make his job any less serious.

When he’s getting ready for “game day” – that is, when it’s time to report some big weather conditions, he can go from fun to serious before you can say “thundersnow.” He knows that people rely on him to bring facts and a professional air to his reporting, which is why he insists on making sure people know what’s going on when he’s live.

In fact, he knows that meteorology is a science and should be conducted with TOTAL seriousness. He has said that at the end of the day, what he’s doing is providing a service to people who look to him for up-to-date (and more importantly, ACCURATE) weather forecasts.

So while he might be considered a celebrity, he’s still invested in wanting to do his job well.

2. He likes to fly solo. 


Just because Cantore’s job is broadcasting the weather on TV doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s like the other TV personalities. In fact, he much prefers it to be him and the weather; no small talk with other reporters, no one telling him what to do, and nothing holding him back from doing the weather HIS way.

From the man himself, “Let’s face it, you can mix in entertainment, beautiful people. but at the end of the day, it is a service.” And with service comes responsibility. If that means cutting straight to the facts (which it often does), then Cantore is there to do his job and do it right. Especially when it comes to weather conditions, which don’t wait for anyone, it’s important to do what you gotta do first and then have fun later.

Maybe that’s what makes him so successful, or maybe that’s just what makes him Jim Cantore. Either way, it's totally admirable. 

3. He gives back.


In addition to being a donor for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Cantore has a personal connection to the cause. With his wife having Parkinson’s disease and his children having Fragile X syndrome, he knew that getting involved was the best way to show his support and fund its research.

His ex-wife Tamra Cantore also does what she can to spread awareness and fund charities to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Her efforts have included organizing annual fundraising concerts in the Atlanta area, participating in New York’s Parkinson’s Unity Walk, and helping raise money for the Wilkins Parkinson’s Foundation. So far, she’s been able to raise over $550,000 for research, as well as utilizing digital media to help educate those on the disease.

4. He plays golf in charity events


Those eye-catching golf pants of Cantore’s aren’t just for show; when he’s not reporting on thundersnow, he’s volunteering his time and support through golf charity events.

He’s played a part in Golfers Who Give Back, golfing to support Boys & Girls Clubs and to help raise awareness for charities who are in need.

In addition to giving everyone a chance to see those golf pants of his (yowza!), he has also shown that one of the best ways to show your support is to get out there and make a difference. Whether that means donating money, raising awareness, or volunteering your time, any little bit helps.

5. He ALWAYS makes time for fun.


Whether he’s taking part in summer dog sledding or getting excited over rare weather phenomena, you’ll often see the carefree nature of Cantore creeping into his reporting.

He might not be able to control the weather, but he ALWAYS makes the most of it, which means we all get to enjoy his job just as much as he does.

Of course, if you’ve ever seen him get excited about the weather while he’s on air, then you already know he loves to have fun. Cantore does his job for his viewers, but he also understands that it’s important to love what you do.

6. He does more than just report the weather


In addition to reporting the weather, Cantore has been given opportunities to cover sporting events like the Winter X Games and PGA tournaments. While he doesn’t usually participate in these events – besides volunteering his time to golf charities – he’s able to be a part of something beyond meteorology.

Whether he’s educating his viewers on why it’s important for golfers to stay hydrated during tournaments, or teaming up with other famous faces to participate in a PGA Tour event, Cantore constantly shows us that he can do it all.

7. He offers his support to those in need


Having such a personal connection to Parkinson’s disease makes it easy to see why Cantore puts so much time and effort into supporting the Michael J. Fox Foundation. In addition to donating to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, he also volunteers at the American Red Cross in his free time.

Cantore knows how much the Red Cross has helped those in need, especially in the face of dangerous weather conditions, which is why he believes in their mission.

He believes that being educated and prepared is what keeps you safe, which is what organizations like the Red Cross are all about. And as an American Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet, Cantore has provided assistance to those in need, as well as being part of a Red Cross preparedness video to help you stay safe when you need it.