13 Pics Prove Jim Cantore Is The SEXIEST Part Of Every Hurricane

Photo: outside online
13 Photos Of Jim Cantore To Look At During Hurricane Matthew

Confession: Jim Cantore was my first celebrity crush. 

No, seriously. Sure, he's double my age and yeah, he got married a full year before I was even born but what can I say? He's the apple of my eye of the storm. Maybe it's the way the rain glistened atop his smooth, bald head. (Bald guys actually make better lovers, ya know!) 

Or maybe it's the way he stands so strong against literal hurricane force winds. Whatever the reason, you can't deny Jim Cantore's the best storm chaser out there.

With hurricane season officially upon us, you can bet I'll have The Weather Channel blaring 24/7 to watch him brave the storm to keep us updated. While you hunker down, here are 13 of the sexiest Jim Cantore pictures out there.

1. Thundersnow Jim

Photo: tv guide
Jim Cantore Thundersnow

OK number one, THAT BEARD. And number two, if you haven't seen Jim Cantore get super excited about thundersnow, you haven't lived. 

2. OG Jim

Photo: we love weather
Jim Cantore with hair

Believe it or not, there was a time Jim had a full head of hair. And we're here for it.

3. Shirtless Jim

Photo: pinterest
Shirtless Jim Cantore

If that chest hair and those pectoral muscles don't make you swoon, that fierce side eye will. Please, someone get me a glass of water.

4.In his element Jim

Photo: blogspot
Jim Cantore

He's standing in winds strong enough to blow the rest of us away, but still looks like he's just chilling there saying, "please ladies, no more photos."

5. Protective Jim

Photo: usa today
Jim Cantore

While in reality he was really just getting the a**hole out of his shot, in my head this is what Jim will do to the man who tries to hit on me at the bar while Jim's in the bathroom.

6. Really tan Jim

Photo: mt hurricane
Jim Cantore

Fun fact: Jim Cantore is 5'8", which I guess it pretty short for a dude. But I'm only 5'2", so he's still tall, dark & handsome in my eyes.

7. Snowy Jim

Photo: popular mechanics
Jim Cantore in the snow

*breaks into song* Baby, it's cold outside...

8. Serious Jim

Photo: boston herald
Jim Cantore

With that stick in his hand, all I can think about is when I'm gonna start my fan fiction, 50 Squalls of Cantore.

9. Smiley Jim

Photo: pinterest
Jim Cantore

Can you even resist?

10. Glasses Jim

Photo: youtube
Jim cantore

If he's a nerd, I'm a nerd.

11. Rainbow Jim

Photo: flickr
Jim Cantore

This is what awaits you at the end of every rainbow.

12. Festive Jim

Photo: syracuse
Jim Cantore

All I want for Christmas is... yeah, you get the idea.

13. Reading this article Jim

Jim Cantore

What? A girl can dream.