Who Is Ashley Olsen's Boyfriend? New Details On Louis Eisner

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who is Ashley Olsen's boyfriend

Who is Ashley Olson's boyfriend? Ever since they were little, all we’ve ever wanted for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen is to be happy. After making us laugh for years, it’s the least they deserve. While Mary-Kate is already married to French banker Olivier Sarkosy (he’s the brother of the former President of France!), Ashley hasn’t always had the best of luck keeping a man in her life.

She was previously linked to multiple men, including Jared Leto in 2005, Lance Armstrong in 2007, Justin Bartha in 2008, and Richard Sachs in 2016. But now, it seems like she has a really good thing going with Louis Eisner.

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Just who is Ashley Olsen’s boyfriend? It’s been confirmed her new man is artist Louis Eisner, who, surprisingly, doesn’t have a billion-year age difference!

The couple have been rumored to be dating since back in October, but it wasn’t until recently that people were able to identify the mystery man.

They were first spotted at Hammer Museum’s Gala in the Garden in Los Angeles in October but just last month, the pair stepped out to celebrate his birthday. And they even took a cute picture together! Well, that’s all the confirmation we need, right?

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Eisner is a full-time artist who focuses mostly on paintings. But his talent obviously goes beyond just paintings, with illustrations of life-like characters and somewhat grotesque sketches. And according to Widewalls, a website that features galleries of artists and a marketplace for their work, Eisner was exposed to art at an early age.

His mother was a photographer and artist and in 2006, he got an internship at Sotheby’s, where he was introduced to art history. Since his first group exhibition in 2005, his artwork has been featured in Manhattan, the UK, Brussels, and even Greece.

It’s great that Ashley Olsen is with someone who is just as talented as her, albeit in a different way. The pair, however, lives on opposite ends of the country. But that all might change soon, because in a photo shoot for the Wall Street Journal, Olsen revealed that she has plans to possibly relocate to Los Angeles, which is where Eisner lives. Though they’ve only been together less than a year, in theory, a move to LA would bring them closer.


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The couple seems to have been going strong for almost a year now! Ashley has always held a special place in our hearts, so we’re rooting for them.

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