Who Is Urban Meyer's Wife? New Details On Shelley Meyer

She has a lot to say.

Who Is Urban Meyer's Wife? New Details On Shelley Meyer getty

Who is Urban Meyer's wife? The Ohio state head football coach — and his wife, Shelley Meyers, have been in the headlines recently surrounding the domestic abuse scandal of Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith. There are reports Urban Meyer and his wife knew about the abuse. Meyer has been placed on leave and suspended for three games because of the scandal.

The abuse started shortly after Ohio State wide receiver coach Zach Smith and his wife Courtney separated. In 2015, Courtney Smith called police in Powell, Ohio — outside of Columbus, Ohio — after a physical altercation with Zach where he caused bruises on her body — reportedly not the first time. Soon after, she visited the police department in person after another incident with her then-estranged husband after Zach was seen stalking around her house late a night violating a restraining order.


To add to it all, Courtney Smith alleges Zach Smith refused to return their son after a parental visit. She also claims he physically abused her on multiple occasions including before she called the police. No charges were filed. Smith told Stadium the incident when she called the police "was the last time (Zach Smith) ever laid his hands on me." As part of the video interview, Stadium posted photographs Courtney Smith took in 2014 that appeared to show injuries to her arm and neck. 

Urban Meyer became implicated because allegedly he, along with his wife Shelley, knew about Zach Smith's abuse of his wife years ago and did nothing about it, according to a bombshell report by Brett McMurphy.


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More about Shelley Meyers and the entire Urban Meyers scandal:

1. She grew up in Ohio.

Shelley grew up in Frankfort, Ohio and was raised as Shelley Mather. She went to the  University of Cincinnati as a nursing student, where she met Urban.


2. Shelley and Urban have three children together.

Urban and Shelley Meyer have three children, Nicole, Gisela, and Nathan or “Nicki”, “Gigi” and “Nate” as they called around the house. Both of their daughters currently play Division I volleyball, one for Georgia Tech and the other for Florida Gulf Coast.

3. The text messages.


A post shared by HipHop Drama (@m2powermedia) on Aug 18, 2018 at 9:24am PDT

Courtney Smith, Zach Smith's wif,  has been at the center of the domestic abuse scandal that led to the Ohio State wide receiver's coach's firing. Shelley and Courtney's text messages were released in Brett McMurphy's revealing report that was posted on Facebook about Zach Smith's domestic abuse.

“Hi Courtney-I think about you very often-how are u and the kids? I am so sick that you have to suffer with this crap so young.”


Courtney responds, “Hey! We are doing well…hanging in there! It’s not your fault. I should have left a long time ago. Leaving was the best thing for me and the kids ya know? Just want the divorce final I so I’m not walking on egg shells anymore.”

Shelley replies, “I am with you! A lot of women stay hoping it will get better. I don’t blame you! But just want u to be safe. Do u have restraining order? He scares me.”

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4. The text conversation goes into more revealing details.

When Courtney alleges that Zach Smith tried to pay her off, Shelley says, “Oh dang. Ok. Please please don’t give up. The job isn’t worth it. Your safety and your kids’ health is everything. Please let me help if I can. Even if u need groceries!! I don’t want to compromise investigation in any way but Geesh! You’re my friend! I hope you get what u need from him to take care of you and kids.”


5. Urban Meyer sent out a tweet a few days later.

6. Courtney Smith says Shelley did everything she could.

“Shelley said she was going to have to tell Urban. I said, “That’s fine, you should tell Urban.” I know Shelley did everything she could…All the (coaches’) wives knew. They all did. Every single one.”

7. Shelley has had to apologize for a tweet before.

In response to an article about Kaepernick filing a grievance with the NFL over alleged collusion between NFL owners, Shelley Meyer responded by saying, “What-ever. He made his choices.” When someone responded saying, “I would take Tim Tebow over him any day.” Shelley responded, “A million times. No comparison at all."


Shelley sent out an apology tweet a few days later when backlash emerged. “Dear twitter-I apologize for an earlier tweet that has had content injected by others that that has nothing to do w my tweet referring to behavior/choice by any human, owning those choices, and the possible consequences that may follow. The end.”

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