The Ideal Travel Destination, For All Myers Briggs Personality Types

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The Ultimate Travel Destination, For All Myers Briggs Personality Types

Our Myers Briggs personality types can be very revealing, they give us a ton of information on our professional life, love life, parenting style and a huge variety of other factors. 

Other than being super helpful when trying to explain your working style to your boss or giving hints about your love language to your new boyfriend, they also give us insight into what our vacation style.

Knowing where to vacation is super important when planning a trip or a holiday. If you choose a location that clashes with your personality you can actually end up having a really miserable time and not enjoying yourself, which is a huge waste of money and time.

Uptight or high-stress personalities need to find someplace where they can unwind and don't have to worry about little details whereas the more laid back and go with the flow personalities will probably prefer something exciting and fun and has absolutely no plan.

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For example, if you were to throw a high anxiety planner into the middle of a South Asian city they would probably have a stroke, that is a high energy no safety no rules kind of environment.

Or if you took a brave adventurer to a Yoga retreat in the Mountains they’d probably be bored to tears or just cause mayhem. Each city has its own personality, just like you, it’s important to make a good match so you can make the most out of your much-needed break.

So, to make your planning just a little easier here is a comprehensive guide to where the best vacation spot for your personality is! Also, at the top of each location listed, there are two signs listed, these are the signs that have the most in common in their traveling style! A good recommendation for your most beneficial vacation partner!



You have a love for destinations that have a ton of history. Museums, architecture, and historical landmarks you want to be in touch with the past. Other than your love of the history you also have a love of the glamorous; fancy restaurants high-end shopping, five-star hotels and pretty much anywhere there’s a killer photo-op. That’s why Paris is the ultimate destination for you, museums, art, history and some of the most high-end establishments on the planet, it ticks all of your boxes for the perfect vacation.

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You are more independent when it comes to vacationing, you’d rather do your own thing and be independent. Also, you’d rather spend your time outdoors and adventuring than anything else. You want to connect with nature do some hiking or walking. Get ready to drink in the stunning vistas of a country with truly breathtaking scenery. The best place to do that is Iceland, it’s stunning scenery, waterfalls and plentiful outdoor activities make it the ideal place to connect with mother nature and unwind.



Relaxation is the theme of your ideal vacation, you want to plan this out so you can chill and forget all your troubles. What better place to do that then on the beach in Bali? Amazing food, gorgeous beaches, and clear blue water. There’s really no better place to relax, get the perfect tropical tan and drown your worries in a fancy drink.

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For you it’s all about full immersion, you want to essentially become a local during this trip. Eat at small businesses, stay away from tourist traps and generally get to know the city and the people in it. One of the most interesting and fun cultures in the world is Italian, and after all, when in Rome right? Rent a motorbike, make some new friends, eat some carbs and leave feeling perfectly Italiano!



You are SO the mom friend, making sure everyone else has a good time and that everyone is safe is your top priority on the trip, but you also want to be able to kick up your heels do some shopping, enjoy some awesome nightlife! The perfect spot for you is definitely Tokyo, the people are friendly, it’s modern but still has history and most importantly for you, it’s safe and clean so book your flight and enjoy some sushi.



For you the trip is all about planning, the organizing is half the fun of the trip. So this vacation will give you ample opportunity to fit a fun trip into a well organized checked list. For you the perfect place to plan your getaway in Edinburgh Scotland, this fun historical city is a great fit for you, there are ample opportunities for you to schedule tours, go to beer tastings, visit some museums and explore the beauty of Scotland, in a very timely fashion of course.

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Learning is the theme for your ideal vacation, a location where you can observe a new culture and learn new things is the best fit for you. Your perfect trip would be to Athens Greece, incredible history, architecture the Parthenon and killer nightlife. Athens has a lot to offer with a plethora of museums and historical sites the city is rich in history and there’s a lot to learn from Greek culture. Opa!



You are the busy bee, you want to pack as much fun into your vacay as possible. Meeting new people, going on adventures, discovering new things and taking in incredible views are the order of the day. Your perfect vacation spot in Buenos Aires Argentina, with friendly people amazing adventure opportunities, awesome food and fun nightlife you can pack every minute of your trip with adventure and fun the beach is also don’t suck.