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How Did Deven Davis Die? New Details On The Tragic Death Of Korn Frontman's Wife

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How did Deven Davis die?

How did Deven Davis die?  The estranged wife of Korn's Jonathan Davis is dead at the age of 39. She passed away on August 17th. As of this writing, the cause is unknown. However, Deven did have a long history of drug use and abuse. Her husband, Jonathan said that she had been in a sober house up until this week when she went AWOL and had not been seen since. Here's everything we know about this sad situation so far.

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1. Restraining order

Jonathan Davis filed and was granted a restraining order against Deven on the day she died. As part of the restraining order, Deven was not allowed to have custody of her kids. She was also blocked from even visiting them. She wasn't even allowed to see the family dog. The court docs allege that Deven was "constantly under the influence of the nitrous oxide, cocaine, and Norco." They also claim that Jonathan found Deven's boyfriend, a drug dealer, passed out on the couch while she was passed out in her bed.

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2. She let fans in the house

In the paperwork associated with the restraining order, Jonathan claimed that Deven would “routinely bring home unsavory characters, including strangers. Some of these people are random fans of my music who she allows to come into the house, go into the master bedroom closet and try on my clothes.” 


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3. Drug use and abuse

Deven reportedly struggled with drug use for more than 20 years. She had been to rehab six different times. Jonathan claimed in the court documents that she was causing emotional harm to her kids as she was neglected them due to her drug use.

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4. Jonathan and Deven

Jonathan married Deven, a model and former porn star in Hawaii in 2004. The couple lived in Southern California and had two sons. Pirate Davis was born in 2005. Zeppelin Davis was born in 2007. Jonathan filed for divorce in 2016, citing irreconcilable differences.

5. Statement from the band

A rep for Korn issued a statement to PageSix that said: "The Davis family is brokenhearted over the devastating loss of Deven Davis. We ask that you respect their privacy — and the privacy of those close to the family — and allow them the space to mourn in private. We thank you for your love, understanding and prayers of support during this difficult time.”


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