Is Anfisa From 90-Day Fiancé Pregnant? New Rumors She's Expecting With Jorge

Can't a girl wear a flowy dress?

Is Anfisa From 90-Day Fiancé Pregnant? Instagram

Is Anfisa from 90-Day Fiancé pregnant? 90 Day Fiance's  Anfisa Arkipchenko and Jorge Nava have been enjoying a romantic trip to Punta Cana together. Anfisa has been sharing pics of their adventure on her Insta and they are jealousy-inducing for sure! One photo in particular has the Internet in a tizzy. Anfisa had a photo snapped of her in a beautiful, white, flowy dress. She captioned it with an angel baby emoji and people lost their minds. Speculation is that Anfisa is telling her fans she's pregnant. Can't a girl wear a flowy dress without the world thinking she's got a bun in the oven? Let's take a look at the details in this situation so far. 


1. The photo in question

The photo that is causing all of the speculation is below. It's a pretty dress. Anfisa looks beautiful. She looks thin. She's got an arm over her tummy. And then there's that angel baby emoji caption. Could she be newly pregnant? Or perhaps she's just hinting that they are trying? Fans went a bit crazy in the comments, saying things like "Are you pregnant? That's why the baby emoji?"

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A post shared by Anfisa Nava (@anfisanava_) on Aug 15, 2018 at 6:33pm PDT

2. Her latest Insta snap

As of this writing, the photo below is the newest one on her Instagram account. She does not look pregnant but of course she could have just found out that she is expecting. 


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3. Recent weight loss

Anfisa hasn't commented on the new pregnancy rumors yet. She has been showing off her impressive washboard abs and weight loss. This would be one reason to think she isn't pregnant ... yet. 


A post shared by Anfisa Nava (@anfisanava_) on Jul 29, 2018 at 11:54am PDT

4. What's up with Jorge?

Anfisa posted an Instagram photo of the couple and captioned it, "Can’t wait for our little vacation next week," she captioned her pic on Aug. 9. "I'm so glad that I'm done with my classes but fall classes start in like 10 days so it's nice to have a little break." A fan commented "Are y'all going to have babies?" Anfisa wrote, "Maybe, not any time soon." Then Jorge chimed in sayinh "I'm going on vacation for the next year." Was he referring to his February arrest? Is he going to jail for a year?


5. What was he arrested for?

In February, Jorge Nava was arrested for trying to sell 293 pounds of marijuana in Arizona. He reportedly pled guilty to the crime in July. He was charged with a Class 4 felony of Attempted Transportation of Marijuana for Sale. Being charged with a Class 4, which would typically carry probation time only — not jail — is pretty lucky. The amount of weed he was carrying when caught would typically be a Class 2 felony, which would come with jail time. He will be sentenced September 7th.

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