35 Stunning And Creative Blacklight Tattoos

Seeing is believing.

blacklight tattoo

When I'm not actively getting covered in ink (to my mother's continuing horror), I'm keeping my eyes peeled for any new or interesting tattoo trends that I might want to explore in the future. Right now, the big one that's caught my eye is blacklight tattoos.

These tattoos are created using UV ink which makes them almost invisible to the naked eye... until you pop them under a blacklight. Some folks in the tattoo world think of a blacklight tattoo as being something of a gimmick, and while I think there's definitely a bit of truth to that, it ultimately comes down to how you are going to be using the ink. 


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Because a bad tattoo will always be a bad tattoo, no matter how much UV ink you squirt into the thing. However, if used properly, UV ink can help you and your tattoo artist make a piece of art that's not just beautiful, but totally surprising and dynamic.

You can't exactly say that about too many other body modifications out there. There are some concerns about the long-term health risks of using UV ink, and tattoo artists have said that this ink fades faster than others, but that hasn't stopped people passionate about blacklight tattoos from getting them done. 


If you're considering getting a blacklight tattoo and you don't know how exactly to use the stuff, talk to your tattoo artist, and while you're at it, make sure it's a tattoo artist who has worked with the stuff before. If it's inspiration that you need, you're in the right place. Check out these amazing examples of what a badass blacklight tattoo can look like on your skin.

1. It's like a real-life x-ray.

2. Where are you on the binary?


3. Just in case you want others to know.

4. Sounds like you're jelly.


5. When you tat upon a star...

6. Gilding the lily...


7. It's the little things.

8. This belongs in a museum.


9. The Tree of Life is epic.

10. This one is for a real Belle.


11. Power up!

12. It's not your average cup of tea.


13. Wow... simply stunning.

14. Talk about fireworks!


15. A sturdy vessel and stars to sail her by...

16. Just a pop of color makes a difference.


17. So cool... to think!

18. Ah, London at night...


19. The dots are simple, but it's a nice variation on a theme.

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20. This one grabs you by the horns.


21. Just utterly... hypnotic.

22. A real-life angel on earth.


23. This blacklight tattoo is gory but great.

24. Paging all Harry Potter fans!


25. The body is a canvas.

26. Curiouser and curiouser...


27. And you thought your hands were bony.

28. This is a very special seahorse.


29. What a beautiful illuminated lotus.

30. The force is strong with this one.

31. Marvel-tastic!


32. The sound you can see...

33. You just have to turn off the lights when you have one.


34. The eyes have it.

35. Repping soda for life.


All photos: Tumblr

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