Did Bethenny Frankel Get Plastic Surgery? New Details On What She's Rumored To Have Gotten Done

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did Bethenny Frankel get plastic surgery?

She looks great either way.

For anyone who's a fan of Bravo and has watched the Real Housewives of New York since its inception, you know housewife Bethenny Frankel is one of the most loved/hated, hilarious, and all-around controversial cast members. From her quick jabs to being business savvy, she's easily one of the most successful Bravo-lebrities out there.

Fans and viewers were able to follow Bethenny on her journey through marriage, having a baby, her subsequent and very messy divorce, and everything in between, with spin-off shows and an eventual return to the show. Which, thank goodness, because RHONY was just not the same without her.

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But if you’ve watched the first season of RHONY and compare it to the most current season, it raises questions. Specifically, did Bethenny Frankel get plastic surgery?

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As anyone with eyes can see, her face looks quite different from the one we currently see on teleivision. And while there’s nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery — whether it’s to fix a deformity or improve your own body image — did Bethenny become just like every other housewife, going under the knife for her appearance?

It’s nothing new for women, especially those appearing on television like this, to get all sorts of procedures done. After all, they want to age gracefully, right? Most common is Juvaderm or Botox, non-surgical procedures that tighten the skin and give you a "youthful" appearance.

Cast members from basically every installment of Real Housewives have admitted to getting work done, including Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Margaret Josephs from Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Tamra Judge from Real Housewives of Orange County, to name a few. It's become a way of life for these women.

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While she has not acknowledged or confirmed/denied getting any surgical procedures, Bethenny proudly admitted to using Botox. She said, “Maybe once a year, I’ll be like, ‘Oh, I look like a Shar-Pei, let me do that.’” What a typical Bethenny response (and we love it). She also noted that her use of Botox in her jaw completely changed her face.

And plastic surgeons agree, with Dr. Jonathan Sykes confirming, “The contraction of her lower face muscles has lessened, giving her face a more heart-shaped appearance.” Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alexander Rivkin agreed, saying, “Her face has a more feminine, oval shape, whereas before it was more square and masculine.”

Alright, so technically, she hasn’t gotten plastic surgery — that we know of — but the changes in her jawline, forehead, and cheeks are apparent to even the biggest cosmetic notice. You can't be in the spotlight and expect people not to notice, especially with such a big transformation.

For all the haters out there, Bethenny couldn't care less. Because while you sit behind the computer insulting her, she's laughing all the way to the bank.

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