How Did Kim Kardashian Lose Weight? New Details About How The Star Dropped To 119 Lbs

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how did Kim Kardashian lose weight?

Everyone knows the Kardashians are big on fitness, which is easy for them because $$$$ = personal trainer. But recently, Kim in particular has come under fire for her sisters’ comments about her body.

She revealed on Instagram that she only weighs 119 pounds, to which her sisters responded that they were worried that she wasn’t eating. Kendall said, “I don’t think you’re eating. Like, you look so skinny,” to which Kim replied with, “Whaaaaat? Whaaaaat? Oh my God thank you!”

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Khloe then called her anorexic and said, “Kimberly, I can literally see through you! Your hair extensions, your ass, your t***, everything — they’re heavy, cause she’s f***ing voluptuous. But she’s anorexic here [gesturing to waist], her arms are like pin thin, they’re like my pinky,” much to Kim’s delight.

Kim was probably joking and she has worked hard for her post-baby body, but just how did Kim Kardashian lose weight? The old-fashioned way!

According to a source close to her, “Kim has worked really hard to get down to 119 in a healthy way without starving herself. She eats a modified version of the Keto diet which includes low carbs and moderate proteins. She enjoys chicken, fish and other lean proteins mixed in with vegetables and superfoods like blueberries with oatmeal for breakfast.”

It’s true the best way to lose weight is to watch what you eat, since eating for your particular body type will garner the best results. But there’s nothing wrong with indulging every now and then, and according to the source, “The secret to her diet is the cheat day. Kim loves to indulge on the occasional sweets, fried chicken or even french fries, but only rarely and in moderation, she never goes overboard.”

Plus, it probably helps that most of her food is made by a chef. When you have that much money, what’s the point of cooking for yourself?

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And aside from food, Kim mixes in a healthy regimen of workouts: “Kim also trains really hard to look good and to keep her famous booty in shape. She sweats through a high intensity, interval training workout with a personal trainer anywhere from 4 to 7 days a week. Her workout is a circuit of exercises like squats, presses and other butt work designed to burn fat and increase her strength and endurance while keeping her curves sexy.”

The benefits of HIIT are endless, including increasing your metabolism, burning calories in a short amount of time, reducing blood pressure, and losing fat. If you combine intense workouts with healthy foods, it’s only a matter of time before you see great results.

But when you’re Kim Kardashian, working out once a day isn’t enough, because according to that same source, “Kim has also been working out twice and sometimes even three times a day. She has been on a major mission to regain her title and the sexiest sister and she’s done it.”

Whether or not she’s losing weight for her own personal benefit or to outrank her sisters (which is kind of pathetic, honestly), at least she’s doing so in a healthy way. Let’s just hope she isn’t overexering herself in the process.

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