25 Hilarious (And Oh-So-Accurate!) Memes About Being In A Long-Term Relationship

A comprehensive list of meme-able facepalms from your most intimate relationship.

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If you’ve ever been in a long-term relationship (or if you’re married, of course), you know how meme-worthy your moments together can be. Beyond the endless inside jokes, even the mundane becomes hilariously predictable.

You share everything: gossip, a bed, a bathroom, even your darkest secrets.

Throughout the mood swings, the inevitable embarrassing moments, the mishaps and the adventures, the relationship develops in ways that you might never have expected.


If you live together, you’ve likely achieved a whole new level of craziness. You’ve seen things you never thought you’d see, and you might be shocked with what your significant other puts up with about you. Even though it may get ugly, it brings you closer together than you ever thought you’d be with another person. Living together (or sharing a space most of the time) creates an unforeseen yet intimate adventure worthy of only the strongest relationships (but let’s be honest, you have to compromise and tolerate a lot).

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These 25 funny memes give a taste of the good, the bad and the ugly (and by ugly, I mean gross) of a typical relationship of a year or more. They’re perfect to share with your long-term partner to lighten up a tense moment, or just to laugh about and relate to together.

Even in the darker moments of a relationship, you can point out the ridiculousness of your own reaction to laugh about and bring you back together!

1. How dare you?!





3. You get to let loose and be ugly!


4. Everything is gross yet somehow also nothing is?


5. Sometimes you kind of want to slap each other.


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6. A little obnoxious showing off never hurt anyone.


7. Flirting suddenly becomes super easy. And you're allowed to be awkward.



8. His Instagram starts to look better than yours, TBH.


9. Gotta have some self-appreciation, too.



10. I'll wait a year, IDC!


11. You basically get a second, comfier wardrobe.



12. Going out is way over-rated when you have a significant other.

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13. Once a month, things get a little bit tense.



14. It's actually an involuntary reflex.


15. Nothing is better than hearing it straight from the horse's mouth!



16. It's nearly impossible to get bored of each other.

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17. Same puppy dog eyes, better quality.



18. I thought I was always right though???


19. Letting them leave is easier said than done.



20. PLUS you can spill all your other best friend's tea.


21. Who cares about bedhead and raccoon eyes?



22. It's like having a whole second body to pick at.


23. Things get . . . pretty intimate.



24. I reference this cat picture for a lot of things in my relationship. But really, why can't you read my mind yet?


25. You can never be too mad to stop holding hands. Which is beautiful.


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