Who Is Kenan Thompson's Wife? New Details On Christina Evangeline

Behind every funny man is his wife.

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For those of us who grew up in the 90s, Kenan Thompson was a staple in our households. We watched him get his start on All That, co-star on his own show, Kenan and Kel, and finally become the longest running cast member on Saturday Night Live.

It’s been his life’s work to make us all laugh but it’s easy to forget that he also has a personal life. Since 2011, he’s been married to his wife, Christina Evangeline, who tends to stay out of the spotlight. So, just who is Kenan Thompson’s wife? Here’s 5 things to know about Christina Evangeline.


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1. She’s a wellness advisor and model.

Though she's a model — and also once rumored to have once been a sex worker — Evangeline is known for her generosity. She established an organization called Evermore, which unites people during times of loss. She’s also worked with multiple charities, including Save the Children Federation, My Stuff Bags Foundation, and American Refugee Committee.


2. They married in 2011.

The couple’s wedding reception took place at the Georgia Aquarium in the Arctic room, and was hosted by none other than Nick Cannon. They exchanged their vows on 11/11/11 no less! Talk about a lucky wedding.

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3. She’s much younger than him.

Thompson is 40, Evangeline is 29. That means that when they married, she was 22! Who knows? Maybe she’s very mature for her age.


4. They have two children together.

The couple welcomed daughter Georgia in June 2014, and just recently welcomed a second daughter, Gianna, just days ago. The best news ever is that Evangeline loves being a mom, and it seems like Thompson does too.

5. Nobody knew she was pregnant.

Media outlets only got wind of Evangeline’s pregnancy when she posted a boomerang video on Instagram a few days before she was due to give birth. Well, you’ve got to give her props for being able to keep her baby bump under wraps for such a long time.


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