Who Is Connor O'Malley? 7 New Details About Aidy Bryant's New Husband

The comedienne and her now-husband dated for 10 years before tying the knot.

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We know Aidy Bryant as one of the hilarious cast members on Saturday Night Live. But the comedian and actress took a break from her funny roles this weekend and wed her long time boyfriend of ten years, Conner O’Malley, in a beautiful ceremony.

Though we get to see Aidy every Saturday evening, what do we know about Aidy Bryant's husband? Who is Connor O'Malley?

1. He was a writer for Late Night with Seth Meyers.

From 2014 to 2016, O’Malley contributed to the late night talk show. He wrote for approximately 156 episodes, and was even nominated for a 2017 Writers Guild Award for Best Comedy/Variety Talk Series, along with the rest of the writing staff. He also made appearances in sketches, acting as "Ryan Lochte Superfan" and "Gørbøn Hausinfrud."


2. He was born and raised in Chicago, and comes from a working class family.

O’Malley grew up on the north side of Chicago. In a March 2016 interview with Paste Magazine, he said, “Everybody in my family is an elevator mechanic, or an electrician or a carpenter. They’re all in a trade. My brother Sean was the first one in our family to get a college degree, and it was from ITT Tech. And it was in, like, car mechanics. But we’re all super working class, union jobs, fix-it-ourselves kind of people, and I was the first one who decided to do comedy, go to community college and then drop out.”


3. He used to be a garbage man.

Before getting his start in comedy, O’Malley worked as a garbage collector. Bryant was working in a barber shop at the time they met, and according to an interview with The Daily Beast in 2016, O’Malley was “a literal garbage man who worked for 1-800-GOT-JUNK and pulled garbage out of hoarders’ homes.”

4. He’s a former Vine star.

Though Vine has officially shut down, back in 2013, O’Malley went viral for his Vines, involving him approaching drivers of expensive cars and yelling things such as “God made you better than me!” and “Money is a game and you’re the winner!”

5. He met Bryant in the improv circuit.

O’Malley got his start in his hometown of Chicago, joining improv groups. This is where he eventually met Bryant in 2008 when both were performers at the Annoyance Theater.

In late 2015, Bryant shared what made them so compatible, saying, “I had only had experiences with horrible mind games with men. But it was kind of perfect because I finally was like, 'That's what I don't want. I don't want games or manipulation or trying to make each other jealous. I want full, comfortable honesty.’ And that is really what Conner and I have always had.”


6. His proposal was nothing short of adorable.

In October 2016, Bryant came home from working on SNL and saw that she and O’Malley’s dog was wearing a bowtie.

“I was like, ‘My dog doesn’t wear a bowtie! Where is he going tonight?’... Basically, the second I shut the door, a man — who I discovered was Conner — frantically came around the corner and was just like, ‘Will you marry me?!’ No box. No ‘I love you,’ just a man in full terror standing very far from a dog in a bowtie, just holding a loose ring going, ‘Will you marry me?’ And I was like, ‘What?’ I truly couldn’t comprehend what was happening, and I just kept saying, ‘Is this a joke? Are you doing a joke?’ And then I said, ‘Of course I’ll marry you. I love you.’ And it was really nice.”

But apparently, this was the kind of proposal Bryant always wanted. When Bryant asked O’Malley why he proposed this way, “He was like, ‘Well, you always said that you wanted it to happen in our house if it ever happened.’ I was like, ‘That’s true; I wanted it to be private.’ He was like, ‘But I also knew you probably wanted to be wearing a bra and have makeup on, so I knew I had to do it after you had just gotten home from work — otherwise it would never be another moment. He did the right thing.”

7. The two were engaged while Bryant appeared on Seth Meyers.

The couple didn’t reveal their engagement until April 2017, six months after O’Malley proposed! Meyers put her on the spot, where she recounted the proposal story.


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