4 Most Negative Personality Traits Of The ENFP Myers Briggs Type

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4 Most Negative Personality Traits Of The ENFP Myers Briggs Type

If you've heard of the Myers Briggs personality test then you've probably read through the 16 personality types.

Whether you know your type or not, you definitely know some people who fall into the ENFP personality category.

These are your friends who always know what to say and how to fix a sticky situation. These guys will always watch out for you because of how observant they are. They try and notice everything because of how curious they are.

A lot of the ENFP personality traits could land them in trouble, though — but a lot of the time they can talk their way out of it.

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Your ENFP friends can often seem like they've got it all together. They know how to be cool calm and collected, but most importantly they're great at talking their way out of things. Having one of these uber-popular people in your friend group is always super exciting.

They know how to party hard but also how to recover. These are the friends that will stay out with you at a club all night and then go get brunch with you the next morning.

It seems like there's no downside to having these people in your circle, but there definitely is.

For every fun thing an ENFP does, there's a negative reaction to it. Whether they decide they don't want to hang out because they didn't get to make the plans, or they let something little stress them out to the point where it ruins their day, an ENFP person can be very emotional.

If you're ready to take on all the good and bad of an ENFP, then you'll have someone who will stick by you and always listen. But make sure you can be understanding when things head south, or the friendship won't get off the ground.

Here is the list of negative personality traits when it comes to the ENFP personality type.

1. ENFPs are huge overthinkers.

Due to their love of knowing everything, sometimes they just can't process all the information they take in. They try to find a "deeper meaning" to everything, which often just leads to bad thoughts and being insecure about friendships.

Whether it was was the tone of your last text to them or the fact that their boyfriend said "love you" instead of "I love you" that morning, any little thing can send them into a spiral of their own bad thoughts.

This can be taxing on any friendship, but try to understand that they aren't doing it because they secretly think you're hiding something or are a terrible person, it's just their own train of thought.

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2. ENFPs have poor practical skills.

Have you ever met someone who can do calculus in their head without a calculator but doesn't know how to boil an egg? Probably an ENFP.

They're great with ideas and concepts, but when it comes time to put everything into action, they really have no idea how to. If someone isn't constantly pushing them to get their stuff done, they'll never do it.

This can get really annoying if you're in a relationship with an ENFP because it can all just seem like empty promises. If you're willing to be a part of their support team, then you'll be in the clear. But if not, then you should probably move on.

3. ENFPs are very emotional.

Because of the way that ENFPs overthink and over-process, they can often put themselves in a bad mood. When this happens, you better steer clear.

It's not below them to pull out something you told them in confidence and use it against you when they get into one of these moods. It can be especially hard to deal with them if they're just constantly attacking you for things you don't even remember doing.

Because of the way they pick up on every little detail, it can be the smallest thing that sends them into these moods.

Do your best to be understanding and helpful, but don't put yourself through hell just to try and be supportive of a friend going through a rough patch. If it really gets too intense and they just keep attacking you, don't feel bad about removing yourself from the situation.

4. ENFPs hate being told what to do.

Advice isn't really something that ENFPs take well. They hate the sense of being micromanaged or restrained by rules.

A lot of the time just giving them what seems like helpful advice could be seen as you trying to dictate their life. While they know they need help and support to make it through everything, they don't want to be told that.

They want to make it seem like they've got it all together and they can do anything on their own. Anyone who tries to get in the way of that, even if it's in a benign way, is going to be seen as a threat. This is how friendships usually end for ENFP.

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