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Awful New Details About Why A Mom Said She Let Two Men Rape Her 2-Year-Old Daughter Multiple Times

Photo: Kansas City Police Department
Details Missouri Mom Let Two Men Rape 2-Year-Old Daughter And Give Her STD

Kansas police arrested a mother on child abuse charges after she allegedly let two men rape her 2-year-old daughter. 

On June 29, a new foster parent for the girl went to change her diaper, when she started crying. 

“Daddy hurt me,” she cried. “Daddy, stop being mean. Daddy, it hurts.”

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Concerned and not sure who the child was referring to as "Daddy," the parent took her to the hospital and made a horrifying discovery: the toddler had been repeatedly raped. 

In addition to the sexual assault, both the girl and her 1-year-old brother had scarred and punctured feet. 

Their mother's boyfriend, Charles Green, 43, was arrested on unrelated drug charges earlier that day, and reportedly gave police a recording with the children's mother, Azzie Watson, 25, confessing to having known her daughter was raped. 

In the recording, Watson said she saw the two men sexually assault her daughter, and that she knew it "was bad and so wrong" to go back to the home with the men. She also said she had sexual relations with the men who attacked her daughter. 

Watson reportedly admitted to taking the child to the home 10 times. She also called herself "a coward." 

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The same day the abuse was discovered, Watson was arrested for failing to appear in court, which is why her children were placed in protective custody. When police interviewed her about the recording on July 10, she claimed the recording wasn't true. 

Watson said she felt threatened by Green and told him lies because "he wasn't believing the truth. She claimed she never took her kids to another home and that they were all living with Green at his motorcycle shop.

She said the children got the injuries to their feet from walking around the shop without shoes. 


Medical records determined that the 2-year-old girl had contracted a sexually transmitted infection, as well as meth in her system. Watson admitted to using meth the day she was arrested but claimed she didn't know how her daughter contracted a disease. 

Green was also found with meth. He was charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child for possessing methamphetamine.

A year ago, Watson was arrested for felony drug distribution. She was out on bond when she didn't appear for her preliminary court hearing. She is now facing three counts of abuse or neglect and one count of endangerment because she let her children live in the presence of methamphetamine and amphetamine. 

Police are investigating the girl's sexual assault, and no arrests have been made in her rape.  

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